What happened to Iván Armesto, the Asturian who participated in the first edition of Big Brother

What happened to Iván Armesto? Life has gone very well for the Spaniard after passing through the first edition of Big Brother. During his participation in the Telecinco reality show, he stood out for his self-confidence and his friendship with the winner, Ismael Beiro. He was third and his life changed completely after leaving the house. Before his time on television, he was 35 years old and was looking for a life as a tour guide in the Canary Islands. Now he is a successful businessman whose works are featured in the 2022 Goya Awards.

Emery: "Betis is an important challenge and we want to overcome it"

The coach of Villarreal, Unai Emery, said this Saturday that the game against Betis, which he faces this Sunday in Seville, is an "important challenge" but that his team faces it with the conviction of overcoming it, considering it a key duel in the fight for goals in the championship. "We play with the fittest team in the league, with a coach who has found a way for his team and his players to find almost all of their best version. An opponent in which everything you see is positive, so it is a challenge, we are at a distance and they mark the place we are looking for. There is less and less left and this is a very important match, the players know that and we want to be competitive and recognizable in this great challenge", he told the media.

These are the benefits that make dark chocolate a superfood

Dark chocolate is considered a "superfood" as it contains more than 50 nutrients and bioactive components such as polyphenols, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the general health of the body, but especially cardiovascular health. As confirmed by the Cocoa Observatory, the cocoa that gives rise to dark chocolate gives us […]

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36 temporarily free apps and games for Android this Friday (4)

A sextou without the collection of temporarily free apps is not a complete sextou, is it? Check out these free apps, games and icon packs temporarily found on the Play Store .

  • Amazon Prime is more expensive in the US; see the new value
  • Law advances that takes away from Apple and Google the exclusivity of payment in apps

Canaltech 's scan found 36 apps on offer — it's a day full of options. Take the opportunity to redecorate your phone's main screen, play a new game or try a new tool for everyday life.

Everything on this list is at zero value for a limited time, so it's good to take advantage of it soon. If you press the "Install" button, the app becomes yours forever and can be downloaded as many times as you like on devices linked to the same Google account. In parentheses, you can see the original price of the application.


  • Reminder Pro (R$11.99) – Reminders
  • Speed View GPS Pro (R$4.59) – Speedometer


  • Heroes Defender Premium (R$1.29) – Strategy
  • Stickman Warriors Dragon Legend Super Battle Fight ($2.09) – Action
  • Mental Hospital II (R$ 0.88) – Terror
  • Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2 (R$0.88) – Terror
  • Epic Heroes War – Premium (R$ 1.39) – Action
  • OXXO (R$ 1.89) – Puzzle
  • Warriors Market Mayhem VIP: Offline Retro RPG ($3.29) – Action
  • Zenge (R$ 1.89) – Puzzle
  • DungeonCorp VIP. (An auto-gathering game!) ($4.99) – RPG
  • Superhero Robot Premium (R$1.29) – Action
  • Last Day Survival – Zombie Shooting 24H Dark Dungeon ($0.99) – Action
  • Dungeon Princess 2: Offline Dungeon RPG ($36.99) – RPG
  • Lophis Roguelike: Card RPG Game, Darkest Dungeon ($0.99) – RPG
  • Dungeon Princess: Offline Dungeon RPG ($36.99) – RPG
  • Zombie Avengers: (Dreamsky) Stickman War Z-zombie ($0.99) – Action
  • League of Stickman – Best Action Game (Dreamsky) ($0.99) – Action
  • League of Stickman 2021 – Ninja Arena PVP (Dreamsky) ($0.99) – Action
  • A Tale of Little Berry Forest 1: Stone of magic ($4.99) – Casual
  • Heroes Legend – Epic Fantasy (R$ 3.69) – Action
  • Superhero War Premium (R$1.29) – Action
  • Zombie Age 3 Premium: Rules of Survival ($4.99) – RPG
  • Heroes Infinity Premium (R$1.39) – Action
  • Cyber Stickman: Offline Game (R$2.20) – Action
  • Demon Warrior Premium (R$1.29) – Action
  • Dungeons & Pixel Heroes (Dungeon & PixelHero VIP) ($9.99) – RPG
  • Stickman Legends: Offline Game ($2.49) – Action
  • Secret Tower VIP (Super fast growing idle RPG) (R$3.39) – RPG

icon packs

  • Inspire – Icon Pack (BRL 3.69)
  • Rentrox – Icon Pack (R$ 2.19)
  • Sorun – Icon Pack (R$2.29)
  • Ninbo – Icon Pack (BRL 1.89)
  • Doodle Button – Icon Pack (BRL 3.49)
  • Vova – Icon Pack (R$4.89)
  • Upcakes – Icon Pack (R$2.09)

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