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Yamaha TMaxxX: maximum customization!

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Yamaha TMaxxX: maximum customization!

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  • Published: 02/05/2022
  • By: Guilheme Derrico

Characterized by a very dedicated weight reduction work, as well as a matte black paintwork in contrast to the brown seat and handles, as well as a minimalist look, the Yamaha TMaxxX scooter, from Polish customizers at Unikat Motorworks, stands out for its attributes.

The most invasive work was done on the frame: after eliminating the original fairings, the specialist workshop modified the rear end of the aluminum frame to give the scooter a shorter side profile.

Here, they installed side panels that create a transparent effect. One of the major difficulties encountered was assembling the new fuel tank and cooling system within a much smaller substructure. It took more hours of work than expected, but in the end, the customizers got an impeccable result. The engine remains that of the standard TMax, but has received a new air filter and a Malossi exhaust system.

Particularities of the Yamaha TMaxxX project

The new brown leather seat follows the curved contours of the new rear subframe, and the knobs are in matching leather. The windshield comes from a BMW C 400, duly modified with the addition of deflectors on both sides.

Also at the front we find a new central round headlight together with two LED strips that match the others that are hidden under the rear. Next, we find minimal instrumentation and a remote ignition system, both from the Motogadget brand.

The finish is a mixture of powder coating and anodizing, with some parts designed to make the bare metal more visible. The paintwork is satin, semi-gloss anthracite, and the brown leather seat contrasts perfectly. What remains of the old TMax are the golden rims.

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Precisely for this reason, it was combined with the golden fuel cap positioned close to the saddle. After five months of work, the “TmaxxX” was born, and the result on the scale is incredible: 30 kg less than the original scooter.

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