50 ideas to celebrate that you are 50 years old (or more)

I have always liked to celebrate my birthdays. I love writing a new number (digit) to my vital marker and I always look for an excuse to do something different and special . It is a custom that I have had since I was a child that, far from being lost over time, is getting better… You have to try it!

I'm not referring to organizing a big party (and also -when possible, of course-), or giving yourself a seasonal perfume or a material detail, but to carry out an activity that you like, motivates you and makes you feel special. . You can do it alone or accompanied, as you like. The case is to enjoy, learn and accumulate experiences in your vital backpack.

Whether you are one of those who (like me) love birthdays, or if you hate this important date, you can start thinking about what you want to do. Ask yourself if you have any pending subject and do not leave it for later. The time has come to fulfill your dreams! Crossing half a century is a compelling reason to treat yourself and celebrate it in style. Reaching 50 is well worth a nice self-gift. We have to celebrate it in style!

What can be done for a 50-year-old birthday?

Can't think of what to do? There are millions of plans that can be exciting for you and that, at 50, you are in top shape to carry out. You have energy for a while, you know yourself much better than when you were a child and you know exactly what you want. They are all advantages.

In this list you will find ideal plans to enjoy this magical, round and special age . There are options for travelers, foodies, adventure lovers, beauty addicts, athletes… They will surely inspire you. You don't have to do them the same day as your birthday; you have a whole year ahead of you, but you can start planning them now . What are you waiting for? You sign up?

  • 1. Take a cooking course. Do you like "Masterchef" and are you a cook (or would you like to be)? If cooking is your thing, sign up for a cooking course. You will learn tricks with which to prepare delicatessen and gourmet delicacies worthy of any haute cuisine restaurant. What a pleasure for your palate!
  • 2. Sleep under the stars. If you are a hopeless romantic, you will love this plan. There are several "bubble hotels" that have the roof open so you can literally sleep under the stars, but without giving up the comforts of a hotel. There are versions suitable for all tastes and pockets.
  • 3. Travel in a balloon. Haven't been in a hot air balloon yet? Test your vertigo and enjoy the views taking a walk through the heights. If you can afford to fly over some exotic landscape, all the better, although the experience alone is worth it.

Ideas to celebrate 50 balloon years

  • 4. Do wine tourism . Losing yourself in a vineyard is a wonderful way to get to know the world of wine “in situ”. And in Spain we have a lot to choose from! Choose the winery that you like the most, make an appointment and discover how they make their wines from the very moment they select the grapes.
  • 5. Taste croquettes. They say that no one is bitter about a croquette. Do you think the same? Hire a croquette tasting. There are all kinds of fillings, some will surprise you. In some restaurants they are paired with wine to make the experience even more complete.
  • 6. Jump in tandem. If you are adventurous, this proposal will not disappoint you. Jump out of a parachute. That said, it sounds easy, but it is a plan only suitable for the brave. Don't worry, you won't do it alone. In addition to receiving a course, a monitor will jump tied to you to ensure that everything goes well. What an adrenaline rush!
  • 7. Try a cheese tasting. If you are a bit of a "mouse" trying all kinds of cheeses will be a pleasure like few others. Discovering new varieties of cheese will awaken your palate and feed your senses. There are so many varieties that you won't be able to taste them all at once.
  • 8. Take a go-kart ride. All drivers should do this at least once in their life. Do you remember when you got into the bumper cars at the fair? The feeling is affordable… but much better! You have to try it.
  • 9. Prepare creative cocktails. What better way to celebrate a birthday than toasting with an original and delicious cocktail. You can start with one of these healthy non-alcoholic cocktails. They are delicious and are an extraordinary source of antioxidants and vitamins.

Ideas to celebrate 50 years cocktails

  • 10. A girls day. Nothing like meeting your best friends to lift your spirits. The plan itself is the least important thing, the important thing is that you get them all together. Laughs are guaranteed, because you will surely remember the most magical moments you have shared in the past and create new and unforgettable memories.
  • 11. Play a game of Paintball. A good way to release tension and have fun at the same time. Get together with your group of friends and organize a game
  • 12. Blanket and movie. We all benefit from a simple plan from time to time. Popcorn, sofa, blanket, movie… Choose the movie and the company well and give yourself fully to enjoy a relaxed and super appetizing afternoon. Yes, turn off your mobile. Don't let anything or anyone interrupt your home theater session.
  • 13. Sign up for meditation. At this point in your life, you have already realized the importance of being calm and feeling comfortable with yourself (both inside and out). Try meditation. If you haven't done so before, you'll learn to listen to yourself and calm down when you need to.
  • 14. Learn to bake. A cake or some cupcakes can be made by anyone, but… who is the list that prepares a cake with a curated design or personalized cookies? Well, it's not as difficult as you think. Sign up for a course where they teach you the tricks of the experts.
  • 15. Adopt a pet. If you have always wanted to have a pet, perhaps the time has come for you to consider it seriously. Be careful, this plan is only suitable if you are willing to commit. Don't take it lightly. You have to be prepared. Meditate on it, ask yourself if you are willing to make that commitment. If the answer is "yes", go to an animal shelter and go in search of your future "best friend".
  • 16. Visit a beauty salon. Putting yourself in the hands of a good specialist will also help you find peace and, incidentally, get your face or body ready. A facial hygiene, an antiaging treatment, an antioxidant ritual. You will come out like new.
  • 17. Treat yourself to a sunset. Few things recharge more than enjoying a good sunset. Some say that each sunset is a way to close a cycle and start a new stage. Perhaps for this reason they are so inspiring. Of what there is no doubt is its incalculable beauty.
  • 18. Fill the bathtub. Another relaxing plan… Put the water at the temperature you like best, add bath salts (or coarse salt to use), light some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, put on your favorite song… and let yourself be carried away by the sensations of the water and the foam running through every pore of your skin. Relax in its pure state.

Ideas to celebrate 50 years bathtub

  • 19. A wine + art session. Curious mix, right? Well, there are several spaces that offer you to combine both worlds and allow you to create a work of art while enjoying a good wine. They give you a blank canvas, some directions and let your imagination run wild while you savor fine wines.
  • 20. Enjoy a beer tasting. If instead of wine, your thing is beer, this option will attract you more. There is a whole culture around this drink made with barley and there are a lot of varieties. Delve into this world enjoying a tasting guided by experts.
  • 21. Enter a wind tunnel. Defying gravity without taking the risks of jumping from a plane is also possible. Get into a wind tunnel and experience the same sensation of a free fall jump without taking any risk. A high-flying adventure!
  • 22. Take a day off. How long has it been since you enjoyed a day to yourself and just yourself? The time has come to do it! Plan it in time so that you don't waste time "doing business". It is about dedicating yourself to yourself, so choose very well what to do with each minute of the day.
  • 23. Pick up some theater tickets. A classic play, a comedy, a musical… The genre doesn't matter. Going to the theater is always an extraordinary gift. It is a special way to spend birthdays and any other special date on the calendar.
  • 24. Go to an art exhibition. Visiting a good exhibition is a shot of strength and creativity. If you are not a great expert, hire a guide who will tell you all kinds of details about the work and the artist. You will discover a lot of details that will arouse your curiosity.
  • 25. Discover a new hobby. Nothing like starting a new hobby to keep your mind young, fresh and clear. It's a great way to start a new stage. Play paddle tennis, learn to ski, play golf… There are endless possibilities.
  • 26. Change your look. Take a risk and give your hair a new look. You can decide on a drastic change, to renew the color subtly or go for a blunt fringe. The point is to run away from the usual. Do not do it crazy, put yourself in the hands of a good professional who knows how to advise you according to your features, your complexion, your style, your personality… Before a change, it is convenient to take all these variables into account.
  • 27. Organize a costume party. You can give guests a free pass or establish a theme line. In any case, you will have to sharpen your wits to be original and grab the attention of others. The best thing about these parties is that, by getting into the skin of a character, you tend to lose your embarrassment and lose your inhibitions.
  • 28. Prepare a getaway. Go on a cruise, get lost in a lost town, visit a heavenly beach, travel to that destination you've always dreamed of. Travel always enriches and puts a lot of experiences in your vital backpack that help you grow as a person.
  • 29. Reserve a spa. If you feel like a fish in water, look for a spa and give yourself over to relaxation and well-being. A circuit of contrasts, jets of different pressures, Scottish showers, a few minutes in the sauna or in a Turkish bath… can help you reduce contractures and feel much better.

Ideas to celebrate 50 years spa

  • 30. Receive dance classes. Dancing is an infallible method to get in shape while having fun. In addition to moving, learning the choreography and following the rhythm of the music requires an effort that will keep your mind active.
  • 31. Play chess. If you are a good strategist you will have a great time playing a game of chess. In addition, this game will help you to be more resolute with everyday problems. Practicing it will force you to concentrate, exercise your memory and put your analysis and synthesis skills to the test.
  • 32. Give you a mani-pedi. Wearing impeccable nails raises self-esteem. Nothing like getting your hands and feet ready to feel good and receive a good dose of pampering and attention. You can bet on one of the manicures that will be a hit in 2022.
  • 33. Redecorate your favorite corner. Seeing everything clean and tidy provides a lot of serenity. And the same thing happens when you rearrange a space! Restore some furniture, change the decoration a bit or add a different detail. You will feel super good!
  • 34. Renew the wardrobe. There are seasons in which the body cries out for a change of style, but you do not pay attention to it due to lack of time and motivation. Look for a personal shopper who will tell you what suits you best, help you "improve" your wardrobe and help you give a new look to the clothes you already have.
  • 35. Give yourself a good massage. Out contractures and tensions! Go asking for an appointment with a good masseur who will remove the tensions that you accumulate in your day to day life and leave you as good as new.
  • 36. Be a model for a day. Have you ever fantasized about feeling like a top model? Hire a photo session with a good professional who will make you a book for personal use. Numerous studios are responsible for putting on makeup or characterizing you so that the result is spectacular. You will have a great time and you will have a memory for a lifetime.
  • 37. Staying in a treehouse. Surely you have ever dreamed of having your own "tree house". Did you know that there are rural accommodations above the treetops? Yes, yes… You can sleep in direct contact with nature and recall those scenes that you saw so many times in movies when you were a child.
  • 38. Play golf. It may be a good time to start golf. This sport practice has a relatively low impact on your joints, but requires good physical preparation and will help you keep your mind and body in good shape.
  • 39. Take a bike route. Being in contact with nature is always a great plan and full of health benefits. Research and choose a nice route that is not complicated for you to carry out. You can do it walking or, better, riding a bicycle, which requires more physical effort and will force you to practice more exercise.

Ideas to celebrate 50 years

  • 40. Ball park. Bring out the girl in you and book a day at a ball park for adults. You wouldn't think that these experiences are reserved only for the little ones in the house, right? There are bouncy castles and slides for adults where you can spend an unforgettable day.
  • 41. Go to a concert. They say that music tames the beasts… Calm the one inside you by buying some tickets to see your favorite artist or group. Jazz, rock, pop, indie, folk, flamenco, classical music… We leave the style to your choice.
  • 42. Take a hobby of gardening. This activity does not require much physical effort, but it is a good exercise for your mind and helps keep you active. On the other hand, according to a study by the University of Arkansas, this practice prevents bone and muscle diseases such as osteoporosis.
  • 43. Wrap yourself in chocolate. Did you know that chocolate has beneficial properties for your skin? Find a beauty salon where you can get a chocolate body wrap. It is a pleasant treatment that will relax you and leave your skin soft and hydrated, while increasing your energy levels.
  • 44. Sign up for a diving course. If your environment is the sea, consider doing a diving course to make your first dive. You will learn to use the material, some basic breathing techniques, stabilization, going up and down and diving signs. You will feel like a fish in water.
  • 45. Create a personalized album. The best moments of our lives are usually installed in a privileged place in memory. However, it doesn't hurt to help our heads remember them with an album that collects magical moments from any time of your life.
  • 46. Jump on a trampoline. Another incredible way to transport yourself to your childhood is to jump on a trampoline. You can also do it on any bed in your house, but you run the risk of it breaking (they are not prepared for this). This activity, in addition to being fun, improves balance and psychomotricity, and speeds up metabolism, helping to burn calories.

Ideas to celebrate 50 years trampoline

  • 47. Escape room. I can't believe you haven't been to an escape room by now… If you haven't, you should try it. This adventure game consists of locking a group of people in a room and giving them some riddles that they must solve in order to escape. Super fun!
  • 48. Improve your makeup technique. If you are one of those who does not know how to apply the makeup base well, you should consider attending a makeup course. There are options for all tastes (even online) and they will be very useful for you to learn how to camouflage small imperfections and enhance the strengths of your face, as well as to discover tricks to make your makeup last longer. It is a good investment.
  • 49. Take a 4×4 driving course. Driving in extreme conditions is not a practice that only appeals to men. We like it too! Hire a course that teaches you how to do it in “extreme” situations. Obstacle tests, side slopes, crossing bridges, mud, stones… You will learn to manage in situations of some difficulty. The emotion is guaranteed.
  • 50. Learn a new language. It's never too late to do it and it can be super stimulating. Speaking other languages allows you to communicate better with people from all over the world and the process, despite being quite long and demanding, is super motivating and fun.

How to celebrate 50 years

  1. Take a cooking class
  2. Sleep under the stars.
  3. Ballooning.
  4. Do wine tourism.
  5. Taste croquettes.
  6. jump in tandem
  7. Try a cheese tasting.
  8. Take a go-kart ride.
  9. Prepare creative cocktails.
  10. A girls day.
  11. Play a game of Paintball.
  12. blanket and hair
  13. Sign up for meditation.
  14. Learn to bake.
  15. Adopt a pet.
  16. Visit a beauty salon.
  17. Treat yourself to a sunset.
  18. Fill the bathtub.
  19. A wine + art session.
  20. Enjoy a beer tasting.
  21. Enter a wind tunnel.
  22. Take a day off.
  23. Get some theater tickets.
  24. Go to an art exhibition.
  25. Discover a new hobby.
  26. Change of look.
  27. Organize a costume party.
  28. Prepare an escape.
  29. Book at a spa.
  30. Take dance classes.
  31. Play chess.
  32. Give you a mani-pedi.
  33. Redecorate your favorite corner.
  34. Renew the wardrobe.
  35. Give you a good massage.
  36. Be a model for a day.
  37. Stay in a treehouse.
  38. Play golf.
  39. Take a bike route.
  40. Balls Park.
  41. go to concert
  42. Get into gardening.
  43. Wrap you in chocolate.
  44. Sign up for a diving course.
  45. Create a personalized album.
  46. Jump on a trampoline.
  47. Escape room.
  48. Improve your makeup technique.
  49. Take a 4×4 driving course.
  50. To learn a new language.