How to Preorder the Apple Watch Series 7?

The wait is over! Apple is all set to open its pre-order window of the new Apple Watch Series 7.

Some time back Apple unveiled its new line of Apple Watch Series 7 in the California Streaming event held on 14th September. It was released alongside many other products such as the iPhone 13 series, iPad, and the iPad mini.

Apple Watch Series 7 features a bigger and brighter display, i.e. 41mm and 45mm in size, which is 20% larger than series 6 and is up to 70% brighter in always-on mode than its previous generation. Also, its frame is made up of durable aluminum with IP6X dust and a water-resistant design.

It has fast charging support as well which is an upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 6. Talking about an amazing feature in the Apple Watch Series 7, which is made possible because of the inclusion of a bigger screen that is the QWERTY keyboard function with QuickPath support. Now you can type straight through the watch.

When and How to Pre Order the Apple Watch Series 7?

The pre-order starts today (8th October) for India from 5.30 p.m. IST and 5 a.m. PDT in the US. All the different versions and configurations will be available at the same time. Choose your favorite color and configuration and after that check out the selected watch either at the Apple website or on the Apple store app. It is also available to pre-order in Flipkart.

The Apple Watch Series 7 will start shipping from the following Friday, i.e. from 15th October. So be quick to pre-order the watch. If you can do that, then preferably you will get the watch on the 15th, or else you’ll have to wait for more days to get it delivered.

(1) Pre Order from Flipkart

(2) Pre Order from Apple

Different Apple Watch Series 7 Models 2021

Different models of Apple Watch Series 7 available to buy

1. Apple Watch Series 7 (Aluminium)

This is the ‘base model’, which is the usual choice of any user. It’s also the model which is available in many colors to choose from. Apple promises that the series 7 is the most durable watch to date. You can also pick up your favorite strap for the series 7.

The colors available with the aluminum version are Product Red, midnight black, starlight silver, blue and green.

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2. Apple Watch Series 7 (Stainless Steel)

Apple already promised that the aluminum version is very durable. Then why pay more to get the stainless steel version? This version is for those who play and work hard, so this design will not pick up any scratches on the body for a long time. As stainless steel is more durable than aluminum.

The colors available with the stainless steel version are silver, graphite, and gold.

3. Apple Watch Series 7 (Titanium)

There is a Titanium version also available which has the strongest body among all other models. This model can survive more damage and falls and also it runs cooler since its titanium can resist heat more than steel. Also, this version feels more premium and classy. Go for it if you can spend more bucks.

The colors available with the titanium version are natural grey and space black.

4. Apple Watch Series 7 (Nike Edition)

The built quality, design, and internal mechanics are all the same as the aluminum model, the Nike edition has features like Nike’s customized themed fitness band and fitness software and watches faces which are exclusive with this model. So, if you are a fitness enthusiast and love Nike products, then this is the one to go for.

The colors available with the Nike edition are silver and space grey.

5. Apple Watch Series 7 (Hermès Edition)

This Hermès version is the same as the stainless steel version. However, it stands out differently. It comes with one of the several hand-crafted leather straps made by Hermès. The Watch has several custom watch faces with the Hermès logo. These versions of the Apple Watch speak the fashion language so, those users who give importance to style and fashion, then I will prefer this version.

Apple Watch Series 7 pricing

Price starts from ₹41,900 and goes up to ₹87,900.

Models                                                                                                              Pricing

  • 41mm Aluminium(GPS)-                                                                             41,900
  • 45mm Aluminium(GPS)-                                                                            44,900
  • 41mm Aluminium(GPS+Cellular)-                                                             50,900
  • 45mm Aluminium(GPS+Cellular)-                                                            53,900
  • 41mm Stainless Steel with sport band (GPS + Cellular)-                          69,900
  • 45mm Stainless Steel with Sport band (GPS + Cellular)-                         73,900
  • 41mm Stainless Steel with Milanese Loop (GPS + Cellular)-                  73,900
  • 45mm Stainless Steel with Milanese Loop (GPS + Cellular)-                 77,900
  • 41mm Aluminium with Nike Sport band (GPS)-                                     41,900
  • 41mm Aluminium with Nike Sport band (GPS + Cellular)-                    50,900
  • 45mm Aluminium with Nike Sport band (GPS)-                                     44,900
  • 45mm Aluminium with Nike Sport band (GPS + Cellular)-                    53,900
  • 41mm Titanium (GPS + Cellular)-                                                            83,900
  • 45mm Titanium (GPS + Cellular)-                                                           87,900
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Which Apple Watch 7 series color and model are you buying? Let us know in the comment section.

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