How to Connect Apple AirPods Without the Case?

Got the new Apple AirPods but forgot to bring the case while going out for jogging, work, etc. Then no need to worry. Now you might think, why should I not worry? And I won’t be able to connect my AirPods to my phone, which means no listening to music from our AirPods. But believe me, you can connect your Apple AirPods without the case.

Some people know that they can connect to their AirPods without the case. In contrast, there are other peoples too who don’t know that they can connect their AirPods without the case as well. This article is for those people who are not aware of the fact that Apple AirPods can connect to your phone even without the case.

If we can connect our Apple AirPods without the case, then what is the proof?

The proof lies in Apple’s support page which says: Apple AirPods case is only designed to charge the AirPods. There is nothing else you can do with the case except charge it and charge the AirPods. Because the case does not feature any Bluetooth connectivity and there is nothing connected to it either.

Many users of Apple AirPods claim they lose connectivity from their phones, and they believe it is because of the case. However, to get over this problem, you can do one thing and it is the best thing to do whenever such issues arise is that you can disconnect your AirPods and connect them back to your phone. This should probably work. But if you still face the problem, then I would suggest visiting the official Apple store and getting them repaired.

See, this problem is not major Bluetooth technology is not perfect, problems tend to arise after some time of its use. So, if you are consistently facing the problem, then you can either repair it by visiting the company’s official store or getting a new Bluetooth device. That’s the only way out of it, no matter which Bluetooth device you buy or how good or expensive it is, after some time you will experience some problems.

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So all these facts bring us to the conclusion that the Apple AirPods case is just used for charging. It acts as a power bank so that you can juice up your Apple AirPods on the go. This ensures that you stay connected with your AirPods with no charging issues. Apple is a huge tech giant and will not launch any product that will affect users’ experience.

It finalizes the product after performing various tests, which are in the Apple AirPods case. Losing the Apple AirPods case does not debar you from enjoying the music. The case is used to charge your Apple AirPods.

Needless to say, but Apple AirPods is a big deal. This wireless pair of earphones provide you with lots of features taking your music listening experience to next level. They provide a seamless music experience on the go, allowing you to control several essential functions using a wide variety of subtle gestures. These wireless earphones are a brilliant choice for Apple fans who love to listen to music.

So we can confidently say that Apple will not launch any product which makes it difficult for the users to use it.

How to Connect your Apple AirPods without the case?

If you want to connect your AirPods without the case, then you need to pair AirPods with your iPhone. Then it will automatically get connected to your phone.

Note: If you want to connect your AirPods with a new device, then you’ll have to use the case to connect it to your device. However, if you have previously connected paired your Airpods to your phone, the connection will be still present until and unless they are unpaired thus, the case will not be required to connect your Airpods to your phone.

Now let us see how you can connect your AirPods to your phone without the case. Just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Take your iPhone and navigate to the Home screen.
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  1. Now open your AirPods case, but don’t take them out yet. Just hold the case next to your iPhone.
  2. Then you’ll see an animation of the AirPods opening on your phone screen. There you’ll also see a button which says “Connect”. Tap on it.

3. It will take a few seconds to make the connection. Once connected, you will see a ‘Done’ button tap on it, after that you can enjoy music from your AirPods.

4. Apple AirPods Pro is the high-end version of the standard AirPods. If you are the owner of this, then you have to first set up “Hey Siri!” on your iPhone. The process is quite easy and you will be provided with proper instructions to set up Siri. After completion of the set-up, a prompt will appear saying “Done”.

5. The AirPods set-up becomes automatic with any device(supported device) if you are signed in to iCloud.

Another way to connect your AirPods to your device is by pressing the button behind the AirPods that are mainly needed to connect with your devices, resetting AirPods, and connecting any devices.

Whenever you take your AirPods out of the case, they get turned on and connect to your phone. All you have to do is put them in your ear and they will start playing the music. But when you take out one of the AirPods, the audio gets paused. If you put it back in under 15 secs, the audio resumes automatically.

So, as you can see, there is no role of the case in connectivity, it is only used to charge the AirPods.

Final words

I hope you found your answer to the question “Can you connect your Apple AirPods without the case?” through this article. If you have any other queries, comment below. I will use the best of my knowledge to provide you with the answer.