WhatsApp Expected to Add New Features Soon

WhatsApp has recently announced some cool new features and, with these features, Indian users can now make payments via WhatsApp and many other features.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular IM (instant messaging) platforms in the world. Especially famous in India where maximum WhatsApp users are found. Despite being famous and used widely, it is slow in the development process. Unlike other messaging apps which offer seamless chat backup and these apps can sync across IOS and Android, which helps in retrieving the chats.

Major cons of WhatsApp such as Privacy issue: your profile pic is visible to the person who has your contact number, Storage consumption: when you delete pictures, videos or voice notes that you have received or sent their copies remains in the media folder and as the time passes these pictures or videos devours up your storage, Log out the issue: If someone stole your phone then the thief can see your chats and media content. You won’t be able to log out/Block your account from any other device. All these issues were not resolved until 2020.

Whatsapp New Features 2021

Finally, WhatsApp has acknowledged these problems and is slowly pushing updates to resolve these problems. Some new features that got added in 2021 are:

1. WhatsApp Payment Background feature

WhatsApp announced that Indian users can add Payment Background while sending any to any friend or family member through the app. And says that they designed this feature for India. The main idea behind this feature is to bring a more personalized experience between the sender and the receiver.

It adds an element of expression between two people. Like in the occasion of ‘Rakshabandhan’ when you send money to your sister the Payment Background brings the moment alive. Just like that, every time you send money to your loved one or split up bills after meals among your friends, it brings alive the story, giving it a personal touch.

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2. WhatsApp chat history transfer to IOS feature

According to WaBetaInfo, those who are using old iPhones and are on IOS version can transfer their chat history from iPhone to Android phones. Also, the WhatsApp version or newer is required for the Android phone to make the transfer.

This is something which was previously not there in WhatsApp as IOS chat histories were stored in iCloud, while Android’s histories backed up to Google Drive, making it impossible to transfer the chats between the phones that were running different OS.

And to use this feature, just head over to the ‘Settings’ section, then chats. There, you’ll find the “Move chats to Android” option. However, this feature is not yet made available to WhatsApp. Only Samsung mobile users can make use of the SmartSwitch app to transfer the chat from Android to IOS.

3. WhatsApp View Once feature

WhatsApp recently added this feature so if you still haven’t tried it yet then go try it. View once feature allows us to send a picture to the person which the person will see for once only when it’s opened.

To use this feature, open WhatsApp and tap on the attachment icon, then visit the gallery and select the photo or video that you want to send. After selecting the photo or video, you’ll see a ‘Clock’ like icon in the ‘Add a caption’ bar, just tap on it to enable the View once feature.

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4. WhatsApp Re-join call feature

Now you can re-join any call that you hung up or missed. This feature makes it possible for people to join group calls whenever they want to just by going to the app’s ‘Calls’ tab.

Expected features to get added to WhatsApp soon

5. Disappearing chats

We could soon see this feature where the new chats will automatically convert to ephemeral chat. One can find this in the Privacy Settings. After enabling it, all the messages in every single chat or group chat will be disappeared after a short time. If someone doesn’t want all their chats to disappear, then they can simply turn it off.

6. High-resolution photos and videos

As we all know that WhatsApp heavily compresses all the pictures and videos. So that the user can send the pictures and videos quickly to the receiver. But not all are with this. According to WaBetaInfo, the company will soon bring an update that will enable the users to select the upload quality of pictures and videos.

7. Images into Stickers

Recently WaBetaInfo reported that the company is planning to a new feature that will allow the user to convert images into stickers. The sticker icon will be visible next to the caption bar when the feature will be available to use.

8. Group Icon editor

The owner of WhatsApp that is Facebook is working on a new group icon editor feature. And it was spotted in Android beta version This feature will allow the user to create an icon for groups and the background color of the icon.

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