Here are the KTM RC16s for the 2022 MotoGP season

Last week KTM unveiled its four RC16s for the 2022 MotoGP season, two for the official factory team and two for the Tech3 satellite team, both sporting identical liveries to those used last year. Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, the official team of the Mattighofen brand, will have for another year … Continued

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Many people die during sex every year; find out why

The sexual act has numerous positive effects on the human body, both physical and psychological, but there is also a dark side. While the practice helps release oxytocin, improves the immune system, reduces high blood pressure and helps sleep, some people end up dying during intercourse.

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Fortunately, the incidence is low, at 0.6%, and you shouldn't worry. Still, it's important to understand why these sudden deaths happen, what the risks are, and when it should be a concern.

Sudden cardiac death is the leading cause of death (Image: Reproduction/jcomp/Freepik)

Why do some people die during sex?

Doctors explain that sudden cardiac death can happen for many reasons, such as excessive physical exertion, use of illegal drugs or prescription drugs, with the risks increasing as a person ages. According to a survey carried out in Germany, 32,000 sudden deaths occurred in a period of 33 years, with 0.2% of the cases during sexual activity.

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Most victims were men with an average age of 59 years, with the cause diagnosed as a heart attack. Similar studies also bring similar answers in South Korea, the United States and France.

Young people are also at risk

According to another study carried out in London, 6,846 cases were investigated between January 1994 and August 2020, showing that 17 of them happened within an hour of sexual activity. About 35% of the cases happened to women, and the average age was 38 years.

Young people are also victims of the phenomenon (Image: Reproduction/jcomp/Freepik)

In general, these deaths during sex were not due to heart attacks, as were the case with older men in other studies, but due to sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. There have also been cases of aortic dissection, which happens when the layers in the heart's artery wall rupture.

There are still few cases of cardiomyopathy, when the heart has difficulty pumping blood to the body, or of channelopathy, a genetic abnormality that interferes with the heart's electrical activity.

The recommendation of specialists, therefore, is that younger people who are diagnosed with the diseases mentioned above follow up with cardiologists. It is worth emphasizing that the risk is very low, but it is not non-existent and there is little care.

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Harley-Davidson brings Pan America to Brazil in the 2nd semester

Harley-Davidson revealed its 2022 line and confirmed three new features for the Brazilian market: the reformulated Low Rider S, CVO Road Glide Limited and Pan America. The first two arrive in the country in the first quarter, while the adventurer arrives in the second semester, but her presentation will take place “soon”. Pan America the Explorer … Continued

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X-Men | Hickman leaves the mutant titles, but the Krakoa phase remains firm

Marvel has been investing heavily in the X-Men in the comics over the past few years. Since Jonathan Hickman took charge of the mutant universe in 2019, a new era for heroes has begun, and the publisher seems pretty pleased with the results.

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Now in 2022, the situation will change with Hickman leaving the corner of Marvel's X-Men, but not in the way most comic book enthusiasts are used to.

Usually, when a writer leaves a title, very big changes to the series' status quo become a thing of the past. The chronology continues to exist, but especially in recent years, publishers such as Marvel and DC usually give each author the freedom to make their own approach to that universe.

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Cover of Immortal X-Men #1. (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

But in the case of the X-Men, with the conclusion of Inferno and Hickman's departure from the title, the great epic of mutants on Krakoa will continue, with new writers but still following 100% of what was established during the last years of the comic book.

In addition, Marvel is aggressively marketing the new phase of the X-Men universe. This is apparent from the new version of Wolverine's origin, preparing big news in titles like Immortal X-Men and, especially with a little more than a minute commercial explaining life on Krakoa, which can be seen below:

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A few years ago it looked like the Krakoa phase would be just another fleeting moment in the history of mutants. Almost 3 years after its beginning, maybe Marvel is wanting to show that we are really witnessing something unique in the chronology of one of the most important teams in its entire portfolio. Who knows what the future holds for Xavier's pupils?

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SEGA leaves Japanese arcade market after 50 years

After more than 50 years in the Japanese arcade market, SEGA has announced that it will be leaving the industry soon. The publisher will sell the remaining 14.9% of shares it owns in the Sega Entertainment division, which runs arcade centers across the eastern country. The buyer will be the rental company Genda Inc.

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Genda bought 85.1% of Sega Entertainment's shares for the first time in 2020. At the time, SEGA cited the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic as the reason it decided to sell its market share.

SEGA arcade centers will disappear from Japan (Image: Reproduction/Wikimedia Commons/Fallschirmjäger)

The impact of the pandemic also led to the closure of the famous SEGA arcade in Akihabara in September 2020. Upon completion of the sale, the Sega Entertainment division will be renamed to Genda GiGO Entertainment. All SEGA game centers across the country will be rebranded to 'GiGO'.

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SEGA opened the first arcade centers in the late 1960s, including Joypolis Amusement Parks and Club SEGA Arcades. Commenting on the purchase, the president of Genda GiGO, Hisashi Kataoka, stated that he "desires to quench people's thirst for real entertainment." “To express our gratitude for SEGA's 56-year history and our desire to be an oasis,” he said.

From the west, several SEGA arcade centers can be visited within the Yakuza franchise games. With a real reproduction of Japan, the games feature arcade emulations with Virtua Fighter 5 , Space Harrier and other titles.

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