What are the main dangers of the metaverse and how to protect yourself?

The metaverse was one of the subjects of 2021, especially after the name change from Facebook , the company, to Meta, showing how much it sees this technology as something profitable and important for the future.

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In the current conception of metaverse, they are environments in which people can connect through avatars and do everything as if they were in the real world: seek information, communicate, shop and work.

The technology has been discussed for some years, with environments such as Fortnite and Minecraft, which bring together players in the same game instances to interact and share experiences being considered examples of metaverses, as well as interactions from Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (RV).

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So, already thinking about the possible dangers that people can face in these different environments, Kaspersky shared some digital security guidelines in the metaverse. Check it out below:

Identity theft

With the login of most metaverses being conceived as an extension of the credentials used to enter social networks or games, an account theft can lead to criminals using the victims' virtual identities for various frauds, as they already occur, in a different scope on WhatsApp .

In addition, theft of cash and rare game items, personal information and credit card data can also occur. To prevent these scams, the best way is to use two-factor authentication, strong passwords and avoid sharing information with unknown third parties.

social engineering scams

Stalkers will also be dangers in the metaverse. (Image: Disclosure/Annabel P/Pixabay)

If even dating apps have social engineering sips, why not expect the same from the metaverse? People posing as others, performing the famous catfish (kind of misleading activity in which a person creates a false identity on social networks), chases stalkers and even doxing may occur in this environment.

In these cases, in addition to always chasing who you are talking to in the metaverse, it is also important to always be aware of possible persecutions and always report them.


Metaverses are like social networks, just in a virtual reality, which makes it extremely important that internet users know how to protect their personal data from access by third parties.

Currently, it is not yet known how the sharing of these issues will work in the metaverse, but it is good to be careful not to post information publicly, try as much as possible to leave your private data for contacts and so on, in order to have a private experience. and safe with technology.

Problems linked to the blockchain

Much information and possessions in the metaverse will be recorded in decentralized blockchains, to allow for privacy of transactions and users. At the same time, this will make all these assets volatile, and if they are stolen, the difficulty of getting them back is also a matter to keep in mind.

In general, the same recommendations for protecting cryptocurrency portfolios will work, at least in the current metaverse scenario. Do not share information with third parties, always access secure and trustworthy computers, and so on. Now, in the future, we still don't know how the blockchain will evolve or how criminals will adapt to the meta environment.

Dangers for children

Children can be in danger in the metaverse. (Image: Playback/Unsplash)

As technologies become part of our daily lives, it is more common for children to use them too. And in metaverses, especially those accessed via VR and AR and with interaction between users, this can be extremely worrying, generating possible experiences of encountering child abusers almost "physically".

It is important, therefore, to always take parental control measures, when available, and to avoid letting children enter the metaverse unsupervised. After all, while personal data and information are important, the healthy and trauma-free growth of young people is also something that should pay close attention.

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Razer launches Enki Pro HyperSense chair that vibrates for greater immersion

As part of the CES 2022 announcements, Razer launched the new Enki Pro HyperSense, the brand's most advanced gaming chair. As the name suggests, the novelty combines the features of the traditional Enki Pro with HyperSense technology, also present in some of the company's headsets, which promises greater immersion in a vast list of games, movies and series with highly accurate haptic feedback.

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Enki Pro HyperSense Promises Immersion with Haptic Response

Razer's new gamer chair maintains the qualities seen in the Enki Pro, thus promising to offer comfort even for the longest gaming sessions or work. In addition to Alcantara fabric, the back has an accentuated 110° curvature and a built-in lumbar support, which promises to reduce stress on the spine and encourage good posture.

Other highlights include the reactive recline, which tilts the chair up to 152° in response to the player's movements, and the magnetic memory foam pad that adjusts to the shape of the user's head. Enki Pro HyperSense wants to go further, however, being the brand's "superpremium" solution.

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Razer Enki Pro HyperSense combines the features of traditional Enki Pro with HyperSense technology, which promises greater immersion with haptic response (Image: Playback/Razer)

The big news is the implementation of HyperSense technology, already present in the Kraken V3 headphone family, made possible by the inclusion of a haptic engine from the D-BOX, the same technology used in special seats in movie theaters like the Cinemark. Razer promises to deliver a new level of immersion with the feature, which is expected to be widely adopted by all indications.

According to the manufacturer, more than 2,200 games, movies and series will have dedicated working profiles with Enki Pro HyperSense. Games such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla, F1 2021 and Forza Horizon 5 were mentioned, while productions from platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max and Netflix will be compatible with the technology.

Razer promises that more than 2,200 games, movies and series on platforms like Netflix and Disney+ will support HyperSense technology (Image: Playback/Razer)

Bypassing a limitation of other company peripherals, such as the keyboard with analog buttons , HyperSense will also work in games not optimized for the resource — in this case, the chair will respond to the player's commands, either via keyboard and mouse or controller. Other than that, taking advantage of the use of electricity, Razer added its trademark to the launch by adopting RGB lighting in the logo of the backrest.

Razer Announces New Zephyr Pro with Voice Projection

Parallel to this, it was also announced the Razer Zephyr Pro, a new version of the company's gamer mask equipped with voice projection, a feature cut from the original model to reduce costs. Overall, the accessory maintains the characteristics of the traditional Zephyr , employing an aggressive look with RGB lighting and two N95 disposable filters to block up to 99% of viruses and bacteria.

The new Razer Zephyr Pro combines the features of the traditional Zephyr with a voice projector that promises amplification up to 60 dB and range of up to 1 meter (Image: Playback/Razer)

The change is in the addition of two RGB zones, in addition to internal microphones that capture the user's voice to reproduce it on the two external speakers added to the front region of the device. The set is capable of amplifying the voice up to 60 dB, with a range of up to 1 meter.

Razer explains that the feature was present in Project Hazel, the concept that gave rise to Zephyr, but was removed so that the final price was kept at US$99 (R$999 in Brazil). Also according to the company, the Pro version is born from the way the concepts are treated — all are like "platforms", which result in different products to meet the most varied users.

Price and availability

To date, Razer Enki Pro has yet to reveal pricing and availability details. Meanwhile, the Razer Zephyr Pro is slated to debut in 2022, without a specific date, for $149.99 (~R$835). A kit with 33 N95 filters, which would last 99 days according to the company, will also be sold, for US$199.99 (~R$1,115).

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