Triumph Tiger 850 Sport arrives with attributes similar to the 900 GT

It's not a new formula, but it has proven to be successful. Triumph took the basis of its new Tiger 900 GT , simplified many of its main elements and gave birth to the Tiger 850 Sport . In reality, this new model does everything the more equipped sister can do, but at a more affordable purchase cost.

It is possible to save up to 2,000 euros in the purchase of this machine, that is, around R$ 12,840 in direct conversion, and get a motorcycle with the same qualities to take you wherever you go. However, the final price of the bike has yet to be revealed.

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Triumph Tiger 850 Sport Engine and Details

The engine is the same as the 900 GT, only with the power reduced to 85 hp. Suspensions are less elaborate and with less tuning capability, and the level of equipment and electronic assistance is more contained. Still, there are two modes of engine and traction control, plus a 5-inch TFT digital panel.

Compared to previous generations of three cylinders, this renewed engine has a more “rude” sound and the power delivery is now done in a pulsed manner. The explosions of the three cylinders are closer together, ensuring greater traction capacity, a very welcome feature on surfaces with low grip, such as off-road, for example.

As we have already mentioned, this unit is less powerful than the version installed on the Triumph Tiger 900 , but in practice at low and medium rotations there are no big differences. It's also noticeable that the Tiger 850's engine seems to be faster and responds very efficiently in low and mid-range, so it's guaranteed fun.

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Only when we approach 7,000 rpm do you feel that the engine starts to have a little more difficulty, it doesn't slow down, it just doesn't show the rebellious side of its power. For normal use on the road and in the city, the 10 hp less power won't make that much difference.

Vibrant motorcycle

The accelerator touch is always good, no matter what mode you're using. There are two modes, Road and Rain, and the latter delivers power more smoothly, yet with immediate responses to every throttle movement. However, the vibrations end up generating some discomfort. It's not quite a nuisance, but it's not even close to the smoothness of the old Tiger 800 setup.

The Triumph Tiger 850 gearbox is easy to ensure accurate shifts, whether up or down. This motorcycle does not come equipped with a “quickshifter”, although it is possible to optionally add it.

The traction control system is a simpler version, without the help of the six-axis inertial measuring unit that equips the more expensive options. She is very effective in terms of security. Its intervention cuts engine actuation intensely as soon as the rear wheel loses traction.

The suspensions work well, although not as good as the 900 sisters. They control the bike's movements well, ensuring confidence to use the Tiger 850 with intensity. The brakes are of high quality, both the front, which has Brembo Stylema calipers, and the rear, which is simpler.

Improved riding position

Not being that tall, the Triumph Tiger 850 offers a very good riding position. You can adjust the height of the seat in two positions, to find the best flexion of the legs or the lowest height from the floor. The handlebars are wide, but not overly so, and are a good distance away from the rider to ensure you don't have to stretch your arms as much as you did with the previous generation Tiger.

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The front has two small transparent protectors that guarantee a good level of action against the air for the torso and head. We only noticed some turbulence at shoulder level.

  • New Triumph Tiger 850 arrives in Europe

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