Honda CBF600 café racer wins Greek workshop customization

Using a 2004 Honda CBF600, Custommade CA, Athens workshop, created this cafe racer that, at first glance, looks far more exciting than reliable. She inherited only the engine and frame to transform into a unique motorcycle.

At the front, the most significant modification is undoubtedly the transplant from the front to a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, for which the turn signals were simply removed to obtain an aesthetic result more homogeneous with the rest of the bike. Calipers, pumps and even semi-handlebars are those of Akashi's superbike, even though the latter are now embellished with buttons from the Italian Barracuda and Kemimoto mirrors.

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Honda CBF600 transformation details

The round LED headlight was also found on the aftermarket and is topped with simplified circular instrumentation from Taiwanese Acewell. The handlebar controls, on the other hand, are Honda's originals. The fuel tank is a Triumph universal model obtained from the internet and slightly modified at the bottom to fit the frame.

The rear subframe was made internally following the curvature of the rubber and to be crossed by a new fully adjustable HyperPro monoshock. An LED strip is integrated into its back that acts as the entire taillight assembly, while a long black one-seater seat with a single seat gives the feeling of comfort. The swingarm has also been reinforced to increase its rigidity.

In terms of performance, the reliable water-cooled 4-cylinder engine has been completely overhauled and equipped with a new set of conical filters for its carburetors, as well as supported by an elegant 4-in-1 exhaust system. redone, with a compact lithium battery placed under the saddle.

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The aesthetic impact of this beautiful special is characterized by the right paintwork, which contrasts the refined red finish of the tank, front fender and headlight housing with the black used in practically all its other parts.

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