Debut to forget for Daniel Wass at Atlético de Madrid

Daniel Wass did not have a dream debut with the Atlético de Madrid shirt. The Dane, who acted as right back, jumped onto the Camp Nou pitch after the break with the score 3-1. During the final stretch of the match he felt physical discomfort in his knee after a setback with Ferran Torres and he came to limp. At the end of the meeting he was lying on the grass with visible gestures of pain.

This is how this dried fruit affects the functioning of the brain and memory

Although we all know the peanut or peanut as a dry fruit, the correct thing is to classify this delicious and nutritious food as a legume, which by the way, is part of the so-called superfoods, which have earned this adjective for being the group of foods that provide more nutrients and more benefits […]

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