This is how this dried fruit affects the functioning of the brain and memory

Although we all know the peanut or peanut as a dry fruit , the correct thing is to classify this delicious and nutritious food as a legume , which by the way, is part of the so-called superfoods , which have earned this adjective for being the group of foods that provide more nutrients and more benefits to the body .


Delving a little deeper into the nutritional information of peanuts, we can find that it provides a large amount of minerals, such as iron, phosphorus, nickel, zinc and magnesium, in addition to offering a large amount of B vitamins, vitamin E and folic acid, among many other nutrients, which are summarized in a caloric intake of 571 kcal per 100 for each 100-gram portion.

Now, one of the most important benefits of peanuts has to do with the proper functioning of the brain and all the functions that have to do with this organ, benefits that have been endorsed through scientific research, which has found a relationship between peanut consumption and brain health.


Peanuts and their benefits for the brain

According to experts, there are different studies that show the benefits of peanut consumption for brain functions, in which it was found that the intake of peanuts and walnuts is related to an improvement in cognitive functions , especially in memory and functions of execution.

Peanut nut cancer

Similarly, the Doetinchem study revealed that those older adults who consumed walnuts and peanuts for a period of more than 5 years experienced greater cognitive function. For example, in memory and how quickly they processed information. This compared to that group of participants who did not consume these fruits.

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This means that peanuts are an excellent option to include in the diet. In this way, brain function will benefit. For this reason, it is suggested to consult both with the family doctor and with a nutritionist, to start planning a diet in which this superfood is present.


The options to eat peanuts or peanut butter are quite extensive. And that this dried fruit is an ingredient that can be used in both sweet and savory recipes. From meats, salads or simply as a filling for a sandwich, not to mention that it is ideal for making healthy desserts.

Peanuts, a great ally to stop cardiovascular diseases

We have already seen all the benefits that peanuts have for the brain . But there are many studies that highlight the work of this dried fruit to reduce the probability of developing cardiovascular disease.

In fact, the Spanish scientist Joan Sabaté was one of the first researchers in the world to demonstrate through studies the close relationship between moderate and daily consumption of nuts . Among them highlighted that the peanut is a great ally to curb cardiovascular diseases.

superfood peanut

And that same information has been corroborated by a recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition . This work indicates that the daily consumption of peanuts during meals is associated with a lower risk of suffering from cerebrovascular accidents and cardiovascular ailments.

Nutritional value (per 100 grams of raw peanuts):

  • Calories : 544 kcal
  • Total fat : 43g
  • Proteins : 25.23g
  • Fiber : 8.1g
  • Potassium : 670mg
  • Phosphorus : 430 mg
  • Carbohydrates : 7.91mg

The walnut, another dried fruit with beneficial properties for the brain

Specialists assure that walnuts are a dry fruit that has many properties that are beneficial for the health of our brain.

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In this case, it stands out that the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants such as the polyphenols that the walnut has are excellent for memory. And it is that these properties improve the functioning of the central nervous system.

In addition, they contribute to neuronal connection and high brain activity that increases learning capacity.

It should be remembered that almonds, peanuts, pistachios and walnuts are dried fruits that allow brain waves to be fed with the nutrients and benefits they offer to improve memory .

These nuts contain a great source of omega 3, provide phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin E and B vitamins, allies of cerebrovascular health in a way that maintains a correct blood supply to our brain.

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