Honda SH 150i and SH 300i are discontinued in Brazil

In a discreet manner, Honda took the SH 150i and SH 300i scooters out of line in Brazil. The range has always stood out in sales in Europe, always showing good numbers, but the performance has not been repeated in our country since the launch of the SH 300i, in 2016. Around here, the model had only 410 license plates … Continued

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99Motos: motorcycle taxi service arrives in nine cities next week

99 announced this Thursday (6) the launch of a service called 99Moto, focused on offering motorcycle trips for those interested in traveling through Brazilian cities. The company says it guarantees the same security features as the traditional platform and must use the registration of partner motorcyclists to offer the service from January 11th.

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Passengers will be able to select the bikes in the 99 app itself, as a cheaper alternative to traditional vehicles. The mototaxis service is quite common in some Brazilian regions, mainly in interior cities. You must be at least 18 years old and wear a helmet to use the service, in accordance with the rules of the Brazilian Traffic Code.

Motorcyclists will also be able to transport passengers on 99Motos (Image: Divulgação/99)

According to 99, the novelty will initially reach nine Brazilian cities:

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  • Aracaju (SE)
  • Campo Grande, MS)
  • Feira de Santana (BA)
  • Goiânia (GO)
  • João Pessoa (PB)
  • Recife PE)
  • Sorocaba (SP)
  • Sobral (CE)
  • Teresina (PI)

The expectation is to expand to other locations throughout 2022, but there is still no prediction of when this will happen. A reduction in the price of races of up to 30% of the total is expected. "The 99Moto meets the needs of part of the population that already uses the vehicle to get around, as well as the needs of motorcyclists, who will have a new option to earn money", explains the operations and products director at 99, Livia Pozzi.

The use of motorcycle taxis is considered advantageous for drivers, as the vehicles are cheaper and consume less fuel, and for passengers who wish to travel short distances or avoid traffic jams in cities. Furthermore, because it takes up less space and is more versatile, transport is able to access regions with less infrastructure, such as unpaved roads or narrow streets.

Safety measures for motorcycles

Those who choose the 99Moto will be required to wear a helmet as a safety accessory. During the covid-19 pandemic, passengers themselves must wear their own equipment together with a protective mask, as a way to reduce the spread of the virus.

All drivers will be monitored in real time via GPS, will have their audio recorded during the journey, will be able to share the route with others and will have the traditional button to call the police. The company promises to hold periodic educational courses with partners to enforce traffic rules, defensive driving and safety rules.

How to be a 99Moto driver?

To be a 99Moto motorcycle partner, you must be 19 years or older, have a permanent driver's license – with the note "Exercise Remunerated Activity" (EAR) – and comply with all legal requirements corresponding to the place of performance to exercise paid transport activity individual passengers.

Partner couriers operating through 99Food, 99's food delivery brokerage platform, can download the app for partner drivers and start offering trips via 99Moto.

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