6 routine and habits apps

With technology, and especially with smartphones, there is no lack of applications that help us in our daily lives. The same happens when we want to be more organized, productive and even initiate a change in our lives. Today there are a huge amount of routine and habit apps available for various devices for free. And they're the ones I'm going to talk to you about. Check out the list of 6 apps with this purpose that I separated here. ?

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agenda image with tasks and habits for routine organization
6 routine and habits apps. (Image: Prophsee Journals / Unsplash)


  • 1. HabitNow
  • 2. Fabulous
  • 3. Loop
  • 4. Daily Habits – Daily
  • 5. Habit
  • 6. Habitify

1. HabitNow

Habitnow app screenshot of routine and habits
The app has widgets to track performance more easily. (Image: Vitor Padua / Tecnoblog)

HabitNow is an application that helps you enter and control habits you want to start in your life, as well as recording and tracking simple and recurring tasks, such as a calendar.

In the app, you can define one or several habits, the duration of each, the priority and also insert reminders with alarms to remind you at the defined time.

Three highlights of the app:

  1. habits and tasks can be separated by categories, some are already registered in the app, but you can customize;
  2. the app provides graphs and statistics to analyze and track your performance on a new added habit;
  3. you can add app widgets to your device to keep track of everything more easily.

It is worth noting that HabitNow allows customizations, but some are limited to the premium version, which also frees up other features of the application.

  • Link to Google Play Store

2. Fabulous

fabulous app screenshot
Fabulous was nominated for the Best App on Google Play Awards. (Image: Vitor Padua / Tecnoblog)

Nominated for Google Play's Best App Awards, the Fabulous app is focused on helping you motivate you to create and maintain refreshing routines so you can start developing healthier habits that will help improve your productivity, focus, physical health and also mental.

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Upon registration, the app makes a questionnaire and creates a plan/routine based on your answers, as a first step for you to follow the habits.

Your new habits can be added in three different routines – morning, afternoon and evening – where you add what you want, set times and reminders, and receive motivational letters to continue on the journey.

Fabulous also has a premium plan, with a 7-day free trial.

  • Link to Google Play Store
  • Link to App Store

3. Loop

screenshot app loop
With a cleaner design, Loop brings graphs and statistics about your habits. (Image: Vitor Padua / Tecnoblog)

Loop is a simpler app, with a modern and clean interface, totally focused on creating and maintaining habits.

With graphs and statistics that show your performance, the app also helps you calculate the stability of your habits and allows you to create reminders with personalized notifications so you don't forget anything.

In your interface settings, Loop also lets you enable days off to keep your habits stable, in addition to other changes such as: extend day, schedule repetitions, first day of the week and so on.

Without any ads, the app still has well-structured and minimalist widgets for you to follow its performance on your mobile home screen.

  • Link to Google Play Store

4. Daily Habits – Daily

screenshot app daily
Daily Habits helps you set and track daily goals with reminders and notifications. (Image: Vitor Padua / Tecnoblog)

Daily, or Daily Habits , is an ideal habits tracker to help you organize your personal routine, set and track daily goals and create new healthy habits, with the help of reminders and notifications.

In the app, you can track your performance by day or by the full calendar, where you can view all tasks and habits created. The cool thing is that in each of them you can check your performance from complete records.

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With a very visual, fun and dynamic layout, Daily brings a gallery of habits with several options already available, as well as the possibility of creating new habits that better fit your routine.

It is important to register here that the application has ads and purchases, with a dollar premium plan that frees up unlimited resources.

  • Link to Google Play Store

5. Habit

screenshot habitic app of routine and habits in game format
This app is for those who want to create habits in a fun way in the game universe. (Image: Vitor Padua / Tecnoblog)

Habitica is for people who like games. The app is a way for you to stay organized and motivated, all in a game world. A way for you to meet your goals and start new habits while having fun.

When installing the app, you already create your own custom avatar. Then, just register habits and tasks, and fulfill them to accumulate points and unlock resources, abilities and also missions. A fun way for you to track your performance daily.

It is worth noting that the app offers purchases, with a small shop to purchase resources and other items.

  • Link to Google Play Store
  • Link to App Store

6. Habitify

habitify app screenshot
Habitify has a “Challenges” tab for various purposes. (Image: Vitor Padua / Tecnoblog)

The last indication on this list is the Habitify app, a free (but upgradeable ) habit tracker that helps you create and maintain new habits, and organize your to-do list.

With a daily routine and habits planner, which can be divided by period – morning, afternoon and night – in the app, you can follow all your progress from graphs and reports.

The cool thing about Habitify is that it has a tab called “Challenges”, where you can browse through challenges of physical activity, reading, writing, among others. The app also has widgets for mobile.

  • Link to Google Play Store
  • Link to App Store

6 routine and habits apps

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