Valentine's Day 2022: 40 short, original, friendship and funny love phrases to share

Although Valentine's Day is officially Valentine's Day on its own merits, lately it has ceased to be the exclusive preserve of happy couples and has become the perfect excuse to also extol friendship, family ties or even a sense of humor . This time we have prepared a very special selection with a lot of phrases to post on your networks, your Whatsapp status, or even to send to that special person you have by your side (or that you would like to have).

Among them you will find those short phrases that leave you speechless, those original ones that amaze you, several of friendship that you thank from the heart and many funny ones with which you will brighten up your day.

We have prepared a downloadable for you

In addition, you can download the 8 templates that you will find in the article without phrases so that you can add the one you like the most and you can print them to make labels, cards or even decorative sheets. Remember… love is in the air!

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  • "The smile is mine but the reason is you", unknown author.
  • "Love is a moonbeam", Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer.
  • "It's nice to know that you exist", Mario Benedetti.
  • "That it is not necessary to leave him to love us again", Eloy Moreno.

Valentine phrases 2022

  • ''It doesn't matter how long you wait but for whom'', unknown author.
  • "In a kiss you will know everything that I have kept quiet", Pablo Neruda.
  • "Love is a very weak word to express what I feel", Woody Allen in the movie Annie Hall.
  • "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved," Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Valentine phrases 2022


  • "I have forgotten you so many times that I have learned you by heart", Mónica Gae.
  • "The brain works from the moment you are born until you fall in love", unknown author.

Valentine phrases 2022

  • "Love, like a cough, cannot be hidden", unknown author.
  • "Love is the only thing that grows when it is shared", Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
  • "You are as beautiful as Princess Leia and as smart as Yoda", Hommer Simpson.
  • "Take care of me, because you have competition", unknown author.

Valentine phrases 2022

  • "That someone makes you feel things without laying a finger on you, that's admirable", Mario Benedetti.
  • "Love is an electric blanket with someone else in control of the switch", author unknown.


  • "One is in love when one realizes that another person is unique", Jorge Luis Borges.
  • "You will know that they really love you when you can show yourself as you are without fear of being hurt", Walter Riso.
  • "More than kissing her, more than sleeping together; more than anything else, she shook my hand, and that was love", Mario Benedetti.
  • "It is by separating when one feels and understands the strength with which one loves", Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Valentine phrases 2022

  • "True love is nothing other than the inevitable desire to help the other to be who they are", Jorge Bucay.
  • "Offering friendship to the one who asks for love is like giving bread to the one who dies of thirst", Ovid in The Art of Loving.

Valentine phrases 2022

  • "No one warned us, that missing is the cost of good times", Mario Benedetti.
  • "When love knocks on the door, it will enter like a storm: you will not be able to leave out the bad and receive only the good. If you think that love is equal to happiness, you are on the wrong path", Walter Riso.


  • "A friend is one who knows everything about you and still loves you", Elbert Hubbard.
  • "My friends are my heritage", Emily Dickinson.
  • "What unites us now is an indefinite bond", Mario Benedetti.
  • "Friendship is the best balm for wounds", Jane Austen in Northanger Abbey.

Valentine phrases 2022

  • "Friends are the brothers that God never gave us", Mencius
  • "The road that leads to a friend's house is never long", Juvenal.
  • "The true friend is the one who is by your side when he would rather be elsewhere", Len Wein.

Valentine phrases 2022

  • "Friends should be like books, few but handpicked" CJ Langenhoven.

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