Motorbike review up to date is guaranteed safety

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Up-to-date motorcycle review is guaranteed safety

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  • Published: 06/02/2022
  • By: Guilheme Derrico

An alternative for fast and economical displacement in big cities, motorcycles must undergo periodic inspections, according to the vehicle maintenance manual, to ensure the proper functioning of the set and avoid accidents.

In order to help the driver to keep the motorcycle always in order, we have listed some essential recommendations so that your machine is always in order. For this, we spoke with Hiromori Mori, NGK's Technical Assistance consultant. He says that the first guideline for the motorcyclist is to look for a qualified professional to carry out the review.

“Many choose to do the maintenance on their own, but the motorcycle, like all mechanical equipment, requires knowledge and technique. The application of inadequate torques on some components can cause breakage and risk situations. Another problem is the incorrect disposal of contaminated fluids or materials, which can cause negative impacts on the environment”, he points out.

Overhaul tips to keep your motorcycle in order

Check the spark plugs every 3000 km or six months, whichever comes first. “If there is a misfire, the engine may not start, putting the rider at risk”, warns Mori. When checking the spark plugs, also inspect the suppressive terminals for oxidation, cracks and conditions of the sealing rubbers.

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Check the engine for leaks and change the oil and filters, as recommended by the manufacturer, always using the correct specification for your motorcycle.

Check that the motorcycle's electrical system is working properly, especially the lamps and signal lights. Ideally, check this weekly.

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Another review tip is to see how the tires are in terms of wear, calibration, damage and validity. The wear and calibration check can be done weekly, by the motorcycle user.

Periodically lubricate the drive chain as well as check component slack and wear. Excessive play or wear, in addition to noise, can cause accidents.

Observe the conditions of the brake system, ie efficiency, wear and adjustment. This verification must be carried out exclusively by a professional. Remember that the brake fluid has a determined period for changing, which must be followed according to the automaker's guidance.

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Check the rear suspension for play in the bushings or for a leak in the shock absorber. At the front, in addition to checking for clearance in the box (steering column) or leakage, check the period for changing the front suspension oil, as recommended by the automaker. The lack of action and strong sag of the front of the motorcycle under braking are indicative that something may be wrong.

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