Serasa's solution triples credit analysis of a British company

Serasa Experian provided its credit analysis solution to Bunzl, a British company of hospital and dental products, which seeks growth in Brazil. The credit bureau's solution should expand Bunzl's analysis capacity by 300% to offer credit to its buyers, such as industries, hospitals, healthcare professionals, retailers and distributors.

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The tool significantly reduced the analysis time. The service used to take 24 hours for automatic credit approvals and now does it in just seven minutes. This type of approval already represents 83% of the total number of new customer registrations and credit limit review.

There was also a gain in the context of the covid-19 pandemic. There was a 26% growth in the customer base, due to the financial difficulties of many customers. In turn, requests for credit increased, forcing a change in the time for payment. Thanks to the accuracy of the information and agility in the analysis, consumers gained about 30 days of extra time to settle debts.

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Bunzl's commercial area can use the Serasa platform to check the CNPJ and other relevant information, receiving the analysis in a few minutes. This allows for a more suitable offer to the profile. The company took the opportunity to relocate 70% of the team, which used to check this information, to a new department and in new roles.

Bunzl has been a client of Serasa Experian since 2012 and expanded the partnership last year. The expansion of the use of the credit decision-making platform should influence the other fronts of the British company, such as health and personal protective equipment (PPE).

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