Royal Enfield opens selection for II Build, Train, Race

After the success of the debut edition, Royal Enfield do Brasil announces the opening of registrations for the 2nd Build, Train, Race, a program that aims to encourage female participation in the world of motorcycle customization and Flat Track competitions. The name of the program stands for build, train and race, and to participate in it the manufacturer will select women riders … Continued

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High School Musical | Season 3 will have Chad, Frozen and Camp Rock return

The third season of High School Musical: The Series: The Musical has started to be produced and the news has already started to appear. Paying homage to the musical from the first movie of the trilogy in season one and Beauty and the Beast in the second, it looks like the episodes of season 3 will be gripped by sub-zero temperatures: according to Collider, the Wildcats prepare to perform the Frozen hits in part three.

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On top of all that, it looks like old friends will be returning to the show: Chad Danforth, Troy Bolton's best friend in the original trilogy, will participate in the new episodes. Actor Corbin Bleu returns as the basketball player for a special appearance.

Season 2 lost the breath that won fans in the first, but season 3 promises to turn the tables (Image: Disclosure / Disney+)
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Although the second season has greatly frustrated fans who were expecting performances from the hits of High School Musical 2 , there are chances that the new episodes will deliver the songs that were left aside. That's because now students will travel to a camp called Camp Shallow Lake, in sunny California — just as Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay and company also traveled from Albuquerque in the second feature.

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There is information that reveals that the Wildcats will not only work on hits from Frozen and High School Musical , but will also take advantage of the new setting to debut Camp Rock songs on the series, which makes perfect sense considering the ambiance of the new part of the show. Despite this, there are still no clues as to which songs will be part of the new season.

It is worth remembering that it would not be the first time that the series has paid homage to series and films outside the original trilogy, since Seb performed The Climb , by Miley Cyrus, in the second season.

Corbin Bleu returns as Chad Danforth in season three (Image: Handout / Buena Vista International)

According to Collider, season 3 will bring a whole new group of characters to the plot. Most interesting, above all, are the already familiar little faces that will make cameo appearances in season three (as did Lucas Grabeel in the season one episode The Tech Rehearsal ).

They are: the aforementioned Corbin Bleu, the Chad of High School Musical ; and Jason Earles, the Jackson from Hannah Montana . Actress Meg Donnelly, who played Addison in the Zombies films, is also confirmed in the cast.

Jason Earles, the Jackson from Hannah Montana, also arrives for the new episodes (Image: Disclosure / Buena Vista International)

Among the new names joining the Wildcats are actors Adrian Lyles, a 17-year-old pop artist; and Saylor Bell, who has guest starred on shows like New Girl and Criminal Minds . According to Collider, Lyles will play Jet, described as "a mysterious boy from Camp Shallow Lake," while Bell will play Maddox, "a bright-eyed, perceptive 'technique' who always follows the rules."

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Donnelly and Earles will make guest appearances on the show, playing Val and Dewey Woods, respectively. Val is described as a "confident and funny young college girl, as well as being a longtime camper-turned-training consultant ready to choreograph the summer production of Frozen", while Dewey is a "director of the spoilsport camp. "

The third season of High School Musical: The Series: The Musical does not yet have a date to arrive on Disney+. Until then, you can watch the other two seasons on the streaming service .

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