Adventure “Pants Quest” portrays the inconveniences of everyday life

I have two pairs of glasses, every single day I ask myself “where the hell are my glasses?”. There are times when they're right in my face, other times I've left them in one of the different rooms in the house. As such, the story proposed by Ghost Cat Games in “Pants Quest” — due out March 1 on PC — is one I partially identify with.

The point 'n click adventure tells the story of a man who can't find his pants. But that, of course, is just the beginning of the story. From broken light boards, feeding your cat food, dealing with the rain and of course finding your pants are some of the tasks you will have to do.

Ghost Games promises an “introspective” story, which makes me even more curious. I know we all go through one or another inconvenience of everyday life, but how they are going to deal with all these possible variants and still add a touch of humor instead of being a replication of my headaches is where the magic is.

I will without a doubt give him a chance when he comes out on March 1st.

Watch the latest trailer for “Pants Quest” below:

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