You’re gonna be Harry Potter, but it’s not until 2023 – We’ve got to play # 19

#1. Activision Blizzard mobilkami stoi

It was different with Activision Blizzard, but one must admit to them, they know how to earn money. This is confirmed by the fact that in the second quarter of 2022, so many “green” ones fell into their account that other companies can only envy them. But that is not surprising. As the company’s latest financial report shows, from the beginning of April to June 30, more than half of the company’s revenues (51% to be exact) come from mobile games, which means that they earned more in this industry than on PCs, consoles and other devices combined. According to the figures, $ 332 million came from PCs during the quarter and $ 376 million from consoles. Revenues from “mobiles” is as much as 831 million dollars.
Revenue Activision Blizzard / Photo by Activision Blizzard Probably the lion’s share of this cash comes from Diablo Immortal, which was released in early June. However, there is no shortage of banana players who have left more than any healthy norms predict.

# 2. Steam Deck liked the remastered Spider-Man

The Steam Deck is an impressive piece of equipment. For a minimum of PLN 1899, you can have equipment on which we can run most computer games. Even those that kneel on tin plates for a few thousand. This is for several reasons, but most of all it is affected by the screen resolution of the Deck itself, because games are run at 1280 x 800 pixels. There are also four game compatibility categories, and if there is a green tick in the game, it means that console game will spin without a hitch. And this is exactly the category that Spider-Man Remastered got.

Spider is one of the newest games to get the “green light” from Steam. There are also games like APEX Legends, Elden Ring, the biggest game in the LEGO series, i.e. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga or Stray, which is the cat game that Dorian has recently tested.Verified games on Steam Deck / photo: steam

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# 3. You can’t play Netflix

Things aren’t going well on Netflix. Despite the fact that they have lost a lot of users, it is still the most popular streaming service. If it wasn’t for Stranger Things or Ozark, there would be nothing to watch there. If you haven’t been held in a cave for the last few years, you’ve probably heard that Netflix has games too. There are currently an impressive 26 titles, and among them I only know, of course, Stranger Things. By the end of 2022, the Netflix Games library is expected to reach fifty, so Netflix is ​​working to make it better. But what if less than 1% of subscribers are interested in them. Statistics show that the games have been downloaded a total of 23.3 million times and are used by about 1.7 million users daily. So it’s easy to calculate how it relates to 221 million subscribers who use Netflix. Source: cnbc

# 4. Hogwarts Legacy, however, in 2023

You probably don’t remember, but in January 2022 we wrote that the Hogwarts Legacy was postponed to 2022. They explained it by the fact that the game gets the time it clearly needs to make the experience as good as possible. Well, if you lived with the hope that this year you will play Potter, I must disappoint you. The premiere of the game was postponed again, which was announced on the official Twitter account.

According to the information, Hogwarts Legacy will debut on February 10, 2023. And the funniest thing is that the reason is the same as at the beginning of this year. But you know, it’s official now, but looking at what’s going on in the gaming market, don’t get too hot. The date applies to the PC version, as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It is not yet known what will be with the version on Nintendo Switch, and the release date for this platform is expected soon.

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