Young Lady and the Gentleman- Episode 17 is coming on? Latest update!

Young Lady and the Gentleman- Episode 17

One of the most popular South Korean Television series is The Young Lady and Gentleman starring Ji Hyun-Woo, Le See-He and Cha Hwa-yeon in lead roles.

On November 14, the drama soared up to its highest ratings and stood as the most watched program the entire weekend  and scored an average nationwide rating of 32.4 percent,  setting a new personal ratings record!

Plot Synopsis

Lee Young Kook is a grief stricken widower with three children, who hasn’t yet gotten over the death of his wife. He is a capable chairman if a corporation, yet is not being able to make peace with the fact He hires Park Dan-Dan,  a girl with a bright and honest personality,as a live-in tutor for his kids and instantly starts getting attracted to her.

As they live together, they often find themselves in small and large conflicts, but gradually begin to grow fond of each other. Will Young Kook ever overcome his grief and grow closer to his kids with the help of Dan- Dan?

What happened in the last episode

With the seventeenth episode on its way, a lot has happened. Dan Dan and YoungGuk have declared their relationship open, and people have started making remarks about their age gap, and Dan Dan is called a  gold-digger. Sa Ra too, refuses to work with Dan Dan and tells YoungGuk she doesn’t like her, to which, defending Dan Dan, asks her to leave.

Sa Ra loses her job, and she confesses her feelings for him.

Not reciprocating her feelings, YoungGuk apologizes to her for leading her on,  and Sa Ra  leaves the house heartbroken. Sa Ra finds a saviour in her bad times in Cha Gun, a designated driver and feelings develop between them.

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Meanwhile, Anna and Soon Cheol keep crossing paths, and once, as a drunkard tries to harass Anna Kim, Cheol comes forward to save her and stays with her until she feels at ease again.

When is the next episode coming out?

The next episode of Young Lady and the Gentleman will be released on November 20, 2021. The upcoming episode will follow Mi-Sook as she tries to make things better for her brother, as she sees her brother and his family living in a broken house. Soo Cheol declines her offer, and tells her he’s uncomfortable about her giving him freebies.

Mi – Sook then approaches and bribes Yeon Sil to get her brother to move into her apartment.

Where can you watch it?

You can watch the show on the streaming services Rakuten Wiki and Viu.It premiered on KBS2  and airs every Saturday and Sunday at 19.55 KST.


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