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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 4 Fans Review! Critics Ending Explained! 

One of the highest rated shows on television, Yellowstone is an American ambitious drama thriller series directed by Taylor Sheridon and John Linson and produced by John Vohlers and Michelle Polaire. 

This show is binge-worthy, with well drawn characters, thrilling background music, action and twists and turns, it has everything you need to have in an action thriller web series.  The first episode of the show was released on 20 June, 2018. The show has three seasons with 34 episodes, and an ongoing fourth season. 

What is the story line  of the show? 

The story of this show revolves around the Dutton family, whose head of the family is John Dutton.  He is in charge of the control over the most extensive contiguous ranch in the United States. 

He must protect his family amist deadly attacks, murders, crimes and uncertainty and also earn respect from the locals, who don’t get along with each other quite well, and are constantly involved in petty fights. 

What happened in episode 4 of the Season 4 of Yellowstone? 

The episode shed the spotlight on the show’s new antagonist, while John Dutton resolves to gather information about a suspicious man called Riggins, who apparently planned the attack on his family. 

Meanwhile, Beth meets Caroline. 

Warner threatens litigation over Beth over market equities stock prices. 

Warner reveals that Beth is only after the land Trust for YellowstoneYellowstone,  which Beth shortly denies. 

Kayce puts forth a suggestion, that the family should leave to the reservation, as the family is quite traumatised after the attack on them, and Monica is relieved. 

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But John is not convinced, even then, he agrees to what the majority has to say.  The episode ends with a surprising reveal- Riggin is  familiar, more familiar than we ever imagined. 

What is expected in episode 5? 

No official teasers or details are out as yet, but judging from the title of the episode, ‘Under a blanket of Red’ it sounds like it is a violent and gory episode. 

However, things look very bleak in the future for the Dutton family and it seems as though the attacks on them certainly weren’t the last one of them. 

As we are already halfway through the series,the show has paced up, and it is expected to be quite dramatic and full of unsuspected thrills, as this show constantly surprises the audience with. 

When will episode 4 be out? 

The fifth episode of season 4 of Yellowstone will be on screens on Sunday, November 28.

Where can you watch Yellowstone? 

You can watch Yellowstone on Paramount Network website for all the new episodes. 

You can also catch it up on the CNT or Hulu app

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