Yara: The Real Story Behind Netflix’s New Movie


Real events inspired the horror film Yara. Indeed, the film tells the story of a crime that happened years ago in Italy and shook the country. The film stars Isabella Ragonese, Alessio Boni and Chiara Bono. Yara revolves around the story of a prosecutor who gives his everything to solve the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl.

The prosecutor will then decide to resolve the investigation by all possible means. The horror film, therefore, shows all the stages of this investigation that upset Italy.

And as we revealed to you, the story is true. Therefore, the film, lasting an hour and a half, plunges viewers into the heart of an extraordinary investigation. Viewers on Netflix will consequently step into the characters’ shoes, in an atmosphere heavy with the search for justice. The questions will therefore be multiple. 

Who Was Yara?

Yara Gambirasio, her real name, was a 13-year-old Italian girl. She did ballet at the Brembate di Sopra sports center in Bergamo, Italy. Her sudden disappearance had caused a real shock in her hometown. 

Netflix Brings The Film Yara To Life

Little Yara left the sports center on September 26, 2010, to return home to her house. She was a block away. However, the girl never came back home. It’s the start of a nightmare for Yara’s family.

Indeed, the little one will be missing a few hours after leaving the dance. A security video shows her leaving the area, which is the last time she was seen alive. Very quickly, the parents will therefore alert the authorities of the young girl’s disappearance. Intensive research was consequently immediately organized.

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The police, investigative bodies, volunteers, and parents tried hard to find the girl. However, the girl remains nowhere to be found.

After three months of investigation, the police found the young girl’s lifeless body with traces of violence about ten kilometers from the place of her disappearance. The drama shook all of Italy. The film Yara, therefore, bears the first name of this girl found dead, murdered. The movie on Netflix, thus, gives details about this death, which had made the headlines of all the newspapers.

Netflix has therefore chosen to bring the feature film back to life while remaining as objective and plausible as possible. The film is already available on the platform since November 11, 2021, so if you do not know what to watch this weekend, this feature film brings together all the ingredients of a thriller.


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