Xavier Prather Emerged as Big Brother Winner

Another name is added in history. Finally, we have a black winner of Big Brother after 23 seasons. The winner is Xavier Prather.

The final battle was interesting between Derek Frazier and Prather, where Xavier Prather won the with a unanimous vote from a nine-judge Jury and now has $750,000 in his account.

According to Prather, this victory was “Surreal” and “Groundbreaking”. He expressed his gratitude by stating  “I wouldn’t have been here without all the members of The Cookout and every single member of the jury. And those members not in jury, who were part of the season, can’t thank you guys enough. I’m so blessed to have met every single one of you and we all made history this season, so I think we should all be proud.”

About the show

Big Brother is a reality television show in which 16 individuals live in a house under visual and audio surveillance (24×7!!). They have no access to the outside world.

Throughout their time in the house, the candidates complete various challenges and tasks while establishing strategic alliances in order to avoid elimination.

And every week, there is an elimination round where one of the contestants’ elimination takes place, making the last one in the house winner.

Who is Xavier Prather?

Milwaukee-based attorney Xavier Prather (27) is a hardworking man from Michigan. Even though we see him confident throughout the show, he had a rough childhood. Prather was born with severe clubfoot. He learned to walk with a cast.

Not only that, Prather has ten siblings and completed his studies in Scotland and England.

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Who were the other houseguests in the show?

Just like the previous seasons, there were 16 houseguests for season 23 as well. This time we saw more diverse contestants as compared to other seasons. This is because of the racial policy implemented by CBS that requires 50% of the cast to be black, indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC).

Other than Xavier and Derek, the houseguests were Azah Awasum (30), Kyland Young (29), Hannah Chaddha (21), Tiffany Mitchell (40), Claire Rehfuss (25), Derek Xiao (24), Alyssa Lopez (24), Christian Birkenberger (23), Sarah Beth Steagall (27), Whitney Williams (30), Britini D’Angelo (24), Brandon “Frenchie” French (34), Travis Long (22).

In accordance with CNN, because this season’s lineup was more diverse than previous seasons, six Black candidates vowed early on that they would work together to make sure that one of them would win.

Tiffany Mitchell, who won the title of America’s Favorite HouseGuest for season 23, said she didn’t want to go in the house because of minority candidates.

She further stated that the alliance “was not about money”. Mitchell said “We all gave up what we really wanted, or what we thought was best for our own personal game with the people for the mission of the six.” 

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