Writing an Essay on Your Favorite TV Series and How to Do It Right

You probably know that many professors allow students to choose their essay topics. The fact is that the main task of any college or university is to help people think outside the box and look for interesting facts or research. Therefore, any essay is an opportunity to improve your knowledge and search skills. But can you choose your favorite TV show as a springboard for writing an essay? Chances are your professor won’t mind and support your decision. But, at the same time, you should know a few key hacks that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Your TV Series Must Match Your Subject

Let’s say you’re studying physiognomy in college and dream of identifying people’s moods based on their facial features. In that case, you should pay attention to the “Lie to Me” TV show. The point is that you should choose TV content that is close to your subject or topic. For example, this TV series can be compared to lectures on physiognomy and the analysis of behavioral patterns. Do not ignore this fact, as many professors will not be happy to see an essay that purely corresponds to the general idea.

However, your task is much simpler than you think. Imagine you love the “Breaking Bad” series and want to choose a topic related to it. Let’s say your professor wants to see an essay related to chemistry or drug addiction. Then you should describe why experimenting with reagents is unsafe, especially if you’re trying to synthesize drugs in a trailer. As you can see, you can tailor any topic to suit your professor’s requirements.

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Focus on Key Points to Support the General Idea

Your favorite series is just a springboard for your inferences, research, and comparative analysis of facts. The professor may have nothing against you choosing a TV show. But you need to remember that you have a general idea that you must adhere to. Find key facts, ideas, and story arcs that will help you make your position solid enough.

Start With an Outline & Raw Draft

First, you need to create a detailed outline. Consider that this is a frame that will help you create something perfect. In addition, you can even write key sentences for each part of your essay. But do not forget that such a scrupulous approach requires a lot of time. What if you have additional responsibilities? Will you have time to write other papers or do your homework? You may need academic assistance. Find a good writing service and say something like, “Can I pay someone to do my homework?” As you can see, you have many ways to delegate additional assignments and focus on something important.

Follow the Paper Structure

And here is the most important aspect that is critical for your essay. Regardless of the type of TV show you have as a basis, you should develop key questions and answers. Your body paragraphs should contain one question and answer each, like “How does The House of Cards expose political intrigues and corrupt deals?” Alternate questions and answers as it is important to explain your position. Also, you should not forget that your intro should contain some hook and thesis, which will be the red line for your paper.

Try to Be Open-Minded

In some situations, you will have to criticize the plot of your favorite series or draw parallels with real facts in search of inconsistencies. You have chosen some historical TV show that distorts the real facts. Do not be afraid to emphasize artistic simplifications and dramatic aspects that do not correspond to reality.

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Your professor will certainly appreciate your commitment to authenticity. In addition, you should not forget that each essay has its purpose. It is possible that you only have to describe the plot, characters, or your impressions. In this case, it will be easier for you to describe the emotions you felt after the first episode or the final of the TV show.

Plagiarism Is Unacceptable

Surely you have seen a couple of samples on the Internet and want to copy some ideas to simplify writing an essay. Unfortunately, this is fundamentally the wrong decision. You can only rely on third-party sources, but copying suggestions is unacceptable. You may be able to express your emotions differently. In any case, you should use plagiarism checkers to ensure that your essay is original.

Final Words

There is nothing easier than using your favorite series as a springboard for writing any essay you want. However, you should rely on all the above aspects for your professor to be satisfied with the result. Remember to be open-minded and try to match your topic with your subject. And be sure to analyze each paragraph to eliminate all possible grammar and spelling errors. Surely you will get a great essay if you are attentive and start writing your paragraphs at least a few days before the deadline.

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