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Would You Like a Cup of Coffee? Episode 6’- Coming or Not?

Call it the pandemic effect or something else- K drama has suddenly become a global sensation. With millions of viewers around the world, the obsession over these Korean shows is increasing day after day. 

‘Would You Like a Cup of Coffee? Is one such amazing Korean drama. Ever since its release, this show has become a favourite. Viewers have found it to be somewhat refreshing and a positive show, hence the anticipation. 

Well, it is good news for the fans of the show as the show will come back with its next episode. In fact, it already has. Read further for more details. 

‘Would You Like a Cup of Coffee? :  Episode 6’- Release Date

All the anticipation and the curiosity can come to a halt now, since Episode 6 of the show has been released. It came out on 11th November, 2021. The new episode came out at 1:30 PM yesterday. So, what are you waiting for? Go and watch it. But first, finish reading this article. 

The show is a rather different one. The plot revolves around a coffee-shop owner and entails his daily life. There are other characters too. The basic plotline is how these characters explore various aspects of life. The coffee-shop runs in the background. 

One beautiful thing about the show is the juxtaposition of coffee and life. The show juxtaposes the bitter-sweet taste of coffee with the highs and lows of life. This is perhaps what draws a huge amount of viewers to the show. 

The actors who have played the different characters are also excellent. They are in fact an extremely effective catalyst in bringing out the real message of the show through their amazing acting skills. 

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These are the cast members-

  1. Ong Seong Wu, as Kang Go Bi
  2. Park Ho San, as Park Seok
  3. Choo Ye Jin, as Jung Ga Won
  4. Seo Young Hee, as Kim Joo Hee
  5. Kim Ye Eun, as Ahn Min Na

The show is available on various online platforms. Streaming platforms like WeTV, Viki and Kakao TV are some of the sites where you can watch the latest episodes. Although not all of these sites are open. Some may require you to take on a monthly or annual subscription. 


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