World Sight Day 2021: Importance, Theme And All You Need To Know

World Sight Day (WSD) is a worldwide recognition day held on the 2nd Thursday of October each year to draw attention to the prevalent globally in regards to eye health.

The 14th of October Thursday is World Sight Day this year. The world event concentrates on vision loss, impaired vision, and preventative measures for both.

It is considered the most significant outreach and interaction event on the calendar for eye health.

World Sight Day History & Significance

World Sight Day (WSD) was established in the year 2000 as a component of the Lions Club International Foundation’s SightFirst Campaign (LCIF).

Each year, World Sight Day (WSD) is coordinated and organized by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) and the World Health Organization (WHO). IAPB chooses the concept each year.

Nations around the globe have reacted to this occasion in a variety of ways. In 2020, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom had gotten involved in the movement of the agency.

IAPB continues to work on World Sight Day to promote awareness of vision loss and impaired vision as major global public health issues.

Representatives of the IAPB also exert influence on organizations and health members of the government in numerous countries to play an active role in allocating funds for nationwide vision loss preventive interventions.

Participants also enlighten the core audience on how to avoid blindness. WSD is backed by a lot more than 150 IAPB member associations, which also include massive eye-care NGOs around the world, successful professional ophthalmology and optometry institutions, and hospital systems, which all collaborate to remove preventable vision loss and impaired vision.

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World Sight Day 2021 Theme

#LoveYourEyes is the concept of World Sight Day 2021. IAPB ended up choosing the hashtag #LoveYourEyes to begin to address images of eyesight at the international and national levels, as well as to emphasize the significance of one’s eye health.

And over three-quarters of the world’s vision-impaired individuals are preventable so. Retaining the cause in mind, the concept of this year’s World Sight Day, ‘Love Your Eyes,’ is to inspire everyone to get an eye test, take appropriate measures, and raise public awareness regarding eye care problems that impact everyone, particularly the vulnerable, young, school-aged children, the seniors, and those with diabetes.

IAPB hopes to reach 1 million pledges to just have their sight examined through the ‘Everyone Counts’ Global Challenge. And over 7,79,000 promises have been made as of now.

The IAPB encourages you to “love your eyes” by emphasizing 4ps: prevent sight loss, protect, preserve, and prioritize vision.

World Sight Day, y’all! Now kindly get your eyes checked.

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