World Arthritis Day 2021: History, Significance, And Theme

With increasing age, many older adults suffer a variety of health concerns, one of the most prominent of which being Arthritis disease.

We shall learn more about the date, background, importance, and theme of World Arthritis Day 2021 in this post.

Arthritis is a disorder that affects the joints, as previously stated. Joint pain and stiffness are common Arthritis indications.

Warmth, swelling, redness, and a reduction in the range of motion of the affected joints are among some of the other indications.

World Arthritis Day 2021: Importance, Theme, and Background

World Arthritis Day is marked to promote awareness of the condition and to provide support to those who are fighting it. Every year on October 12th, the world commemorates World Arthritis Day. “WAD” is another name for the day.

WAD strives to promote consciousness and the effect of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, often known as RMDs.

The devastating effects of these diseases, of which there are over 200, are rarely known; nonetheless, their impact is enormous.

The day is commemorated every year with a theme, and this year’s topic is “Don’t Delay, Connect Today: Time2Work.” The topic for 2020 and 2019 was “Time2Work.”

The Arthritis and Rheumatism International Foundation, a non-governmental organization, commemorated World Arthritis Day for the very first time on the 12th of October in the year 1996.

Following the introduction of massive initiatives by the European League Against Rheumatism  (EULAR), the day began with promoting consciousness.

After 2017, the day began to be observed under the theme. This year marks the commemoration of World Arthritis Day.

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World Arthritis Day Facts and Myths

Myth: Arthritis is incurable, and the existing medications are inefficient and harmful.

Fact: According to specialists, practically all forms of inflammatory arthritis are curable. Modern drugs are non-toxic and safe.

Myth: Yoga is required for the treatment of arthritis.

Fact: While some yoga postures can be harmful to joints, some are beneficial for certain types of arthritis.

Myth: Arthritis is the same in all forms.

Fact: Not all arthritis is the same. Osteoarthritis, often known as green arthritis, is the most frequent.

Myth: Patients with arthritis should see an orthopedist.

Fact: Only rheumatologists who are skilled in the medical management of arthritis should handle arthritis issues. Only at the end of the process is surgery required, which is performed by an Orthopaedician.

Myth: Walking is bad for your knees, and you should rest.

Fact: Walking increases muscle strength, reduces weight, and regenerates cartilage in knee joints, thus it is very beneficial for knees.

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