Worker’s Day: Alberto Fernández celebrated the 400,000 worker in construction at the Perón Highway site

President Alberto Fernández highlighted today the “growth” in the works plan that currently translates into the execution of 4 thousand projects throughout the country with 400 thousand jobs in constructionand affirmed that International Labor Day “is celebrated by creating” jobs. “Of these figures, half is from the private sector and the other is part of the public action that the State is carrying out,” Fernández said when touring jobs on the Presidente Perón Highway, at the junction with Provincial Route 58, at the height of the Buenos Aires municipality of San Vicente. According to As indicated in an official statement, the head of state stated that the Government considered that “a federal Argentina needed a work plan and a growth was achieved that today translates into more than 4,000 works throughout the country.” “That determined that employment grows and today we celebrate that there are 400 thousand workers construction,” he added. All we know the country we received and everything we had to do to get it back. It was necessary to put the economy in motion, reactivate it, turn on the economy. We did it, we grew more than 10 percent. Now all our efforts are to create jobs”, said the President when speaking during an act. Fernández was accompanied by the Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis, the General Administrator of National Roads, Gustavo Arrieta, and the local mayor, Nicolás Mantegazza and said that for this reason “Labor Day is celebrated by creating work in Argentina”. In this context, the President affirmed that “now that the economy has advanced, developed, grown, we have only one concern, that wages grow day by day. day, that the pockets of Argentines are strengthened, that the workers beat inflation with their salaries” and maintained that “this is the way to build a fair Argentina.”Because growing is not enough, growth must be distributed in a balanced way”, expressed the head of state. The works of the Presidente Perón Highway currently have three of the four sections of the new semi-urban highway underway, which is carried out on a new layout, and includes two lanes in each direction, collectors, distributors, level crossings , lighting and new smart signage, it was officially reported.This road will make up the third ring road of the AMBA, next to Camino de Cintura and Avenida General Pazand will integrate 12 municipalities: San Isidro, General San Martín, Tres de Febrero, Hurlingham, Ituzaingó, Merlo, La Matanza, Ezeiza, San Vicente, Presidente Perón, Florencio Varela and Berazategui. The Highway will connect with all the accesses to the City Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and will speed up departures from the industrial parks along its route, facilitating access to the port of La Plata and the airports of Morón, El Palomar and Ezeiza. As a whole, the new corridor will optimize the connection between the north and south of the provinceand will provide a boost to the industrial, commercial and housing development of the entire Metropolitan Area. The four sections of the work will have a total investment of $41,517 million pesos, will benefit more than 12 million people and will generate 2,800 jobs.

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