Wonder Woman 3: New Character Is Confirmed!

Wonder Woman 3: New Character

Supergirl is the cousin of Kal-El in the DC Comics, better known as Superman. In addition to The CW series “Supergirl,” the iconic figure, beginning with “The Flash, “will soon also celebrate her debut on the big screen at the DCEU. There Supergirl is played by actress Sasha Calle.

But her appearance on “The Flash” with Ezra Miller as Barry Allen will not last, according to information from a Hollywood insider. YouTuber Grace Randolph, who is well connected in the film scene, predicts that Sasha Calle will also appear as Supergirl for the upcoming “Wonder Woman 3” with Gal Gadot.


The second of the pictures above shows Sasha Calle filming “The Flash.” Insider Grace Randolph also mentions that several other DC heroines may appear in “Wonder Woman 3”. Will they even compete against each other, like in the DC animated series “Justice League Unlimited”? Only the future can show that. Participation of female DC heroes in the third “Wonder Woman” would make perfect sense.

Petty Jenkins Confirmed Threequel At DC FanDome

During the DC FanDome event this year, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins spilled beans over the third installment alongside actress Lynda Carter. The latter is popularly known for her portrayal in the classic Wonder Woman TV series. 

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“We’re super excited about Wonder Woman 3. Gal (Gadot), who is so bummed about not being here, who’s the busiest person in the world, with now three little kids and shooting.” said the director. 

Will Lynda Carter Return For The Third Film?

Actress Lynda Carter was previously seen in the second installment of Wonder Woman. It has also been confirmed that the actress will be taking part in the third installment of Wonder Woman. The movie will go into production in 2022 and will probably release in 2024. 


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