With “8-bit style”, Infernax comes out on February 14 and in Portuguese


Ever heard of “Just Shapes & Beats”? No? The Canadian game from Berzerk Studio won me over for its frenetic and challenging pace. Now nearly four years later they return with a game that is a massive homage to Castlevania and the 8-bit era, Infernax.

The best comparison I can give at the moment is if someone took Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, put more emphasis on the metroidvania and “open world” aspect, quadruple the amount of power ups/items/equipment, and include some current “refinements”. The gameplay itself seems to stay pretty close to what is expected of an “8-bit era game”, including the animation and character movement.

As much as I'm not a big fan of this style, I'm really curious to play Infernax because it's a project that's been in development for years and has immense potential. It was actually one of Berzerk Studio's first projects — a Kickstarter in 2015. I imagine those who supported the game back then are somewhat relieved to hear that it finally has a concrete release date.

I just hope I don't suffer in the bosses like the protagonist of the story suffered in the trailer… oh who am I lying to? I'm sure I'm going to get horrified in Infernax.

Infernax will be out on PC , Nintendo Switch, Xbox One / Series S and X / and PlayStation 4/5

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