Why The beginning after the end chapter 126 is delaying that much?

The beginning after the end chapter 126

The publication of The beginning after the end chapter 126 is being delaying by a few days. For the time being, we will be discussing the latest chapter updates. King Grey’s recollections of the royal gathering were shown in the previous chapter. Arthur got a bad feeling about the future because of this recollection.

Arthur’s current and former lives are revealed in The Beginning After the End. King Grey meets with the royals in a flashback in The Beginning After the End’s newest chapter. They remind him of the stability of the nation.

It is King Grey’s duty to put an end to “her,” as advised by the royals, as a sign of his devotion to his people and to his kingdom. The words “murder her” echo in King Grey’s head after hearing them. Arthur is now seated with Sylv, clutching his head since he seems to be suffering from a headache. Asked whether Arthur was OK, Arthur said that he would had a bad dream. Arthur learns that he has a message from the geezer in his pocket when he feels something in his pocket.

Because of the world’s shifting landscape, he is aware Also, Viron advised Arthur to be prepared for upcoming changes, which he was assured would be imminent. Arthur is shocked. Since he has more information than Viron, he deduces that the latter divulged everything. While at a later location, Arthur is asked to display a verification document, and he explains that he does not understand why.

Updates for Chapter 125 of The Beginning After the End

Arthur’s passage through the verification process is necessary. It is Arthur’s sorcery that summons an item of gold and presents. He inquires as to whether or not the gold item is sufficient for verification. Considering that the gold artifact is a seal belonging to Elenoir’s royal family, the man was shocked. As Arthur approaches, he wonders who this youngster is and recognizes . Entering the hidden gateway, Sylv and Arthur are whisked away to an unknown magical land. Sylvie is afraid of the dark, so Arthur and the land within the pitch-black dungeon light the torch.

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