Why One-Piece Chapter 1032

Why One-Piece Chapter 1032 is delaying that much?

One piece is a popular Japanese show which is composed by considering the Manga series as a reference. The series is written by Eiichiro Oda, who adds an element of adventure and Fantasy to the show. The story showcases a boy named Monkey D. Luffy. The boy went through several hurdles in his life and continue his experience of adventure in the show.

The boy unintentionally had a devil fruit which made his body of rubber. The protagonist along with another member of his crew decided to explore the Grand Line in search of the world’s ultimate treasure, one piece. He went on the adventure with a desire to become the next king of Pirates. 

The well-known anime television show has cast in with hundred volumes in sequence. The show runs and attracts viewers since the year, 1999. 

In the previous chapter which is named “The science warrior” the battle between X Darke and Scratched Apoo is showcased. In the battle both the contenders had a massive fight made Darke think that Apoo is weak with his moves in the battle, and he will complete his promise by defeating Apoo. In between the fight, Yamato appears highlighting the Tabiroppo matter. Apoo misguided Yamato by playing a piece of music that made Yamato thinks that Darke is the enemy and he lands a heavy blow on him. The story continues with lots of exciting turning points attracting the attention of its viewers. 

In the upcoming episode one piece chapter 1032 it is expected that the show will expose the story of Sanji’s new power and Caption Kids Devil Fruit. The series has delayed the trailer and the appearance of the show attacking the patience of its viewers. According to the source, the forthcoming chapter will continue with a story where the caption Kid and Law will attack Big Mom, the new powers of the devil fruit will also be revealed in the show. 

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Chapter 1032 will be out for the viewers to view on 14th November 2021. The series took an ample amount of time to make its appearance as it faces several issues with pacing, thus creating a huge problem for the story to progress but at last, the viewers are at peace as the series has announced its arrival soon.

Fans buckle up for the latest episode which is ready to telecast soon. 

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