Why is Brandon Lee Trending on Twitter?

If you are a frequent Twitter user, then you must be familiar with the topic of this article. Since Thursday late night, Twitter is flooded with tweets about the late movie star Brandon Lee.

In this article, we will be discussing why are the tweets on Brandon Lee catching trend?

Who was Brandon Lee and how did he die?

Brandon Lee was the only son of the great martial artist and movie star, Bruce Lee. Brandon too had a great interest in martial arts and acting. The actor had done great work in movies like Showdown in Little Tokyo and Rapid fire. 

The actor was in the starting phase of his career when a tragedy occurred to him. In 1993, the actor was shooting for his upcoming movie ‘The Crow’. He, unfortunately, passed away during the movie’s production.

The scene in the movie shows Erik, Brandon’s character, being shot after he becomes the only witness to his fiancee’s rape. Michael’s character Funboy shoots Erik with a revolver as he enters the room. 

Due to crew negligence, a mishandled prop gun got used in the scene and a blank round was fired at Erik with the same force as that of a live one. The bullet struck Brandon’s abdomen and injured him badly. He was taken immediately to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.  

The actor died at the age of 28.

Why is Brandon Lee trending on Twitter?

Now, Twitter users are there to compare a similar recent accident with the death of Brandon Lee. The accident has taken place on the sets of Alec Baldwin’s new movie ‘Rust’. 

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In a scene of the movie, Alec shoots a prop gun that released either shrapnel or bullet, injuring the director of photography Halyna Hutchins and director Joel Souza. 

Halyna was pronounced dead as soon as she was taken to the hospital. Joel is very critical and is under high observation. 

The negligence of the crew and the incident with the prop gun are making huge similarities between the two incidents and thus, twitter is showing concern on the same.

A few hours after the ‘Rust’ accident, the Twitter handle of Brandon Lee also showed grief on the matter and hopes that such accidents don’t happen any further.



This is the reason behind the Brandon Lee tweets on Twitter. Such accidents are indeed much threatening and the movie crew must be extra careful to avoid such accidents.