Who is Flavia Royón, the new Secretary of Energy who will replace Darío Martínez

Flavia Royon She will be the new Secretary of Energy and will replace Darío Martínez, which could imply a substantial political change. Martínez was the official who had regulated the segmentation and responded directly to Cristina Kirchner. Now Royón will be in charge of executing the changes to the subsidies in the rates and other measures. She answers to the governor of Salta, Gustavo Sáez, a key ally of Sergio Massa.Sáez was a vice-presidential candidate for Tigrense.Royón in salteña and until now he held the same position in the province. At the same time, he chaired the Economic and Social Council and served as a provincial representative before national organizations. According to her Linkedin profile, she started in the sector as a consultant “in cattle, meat and export markets” and she stayed for 15 years as an employee at Frigorífico Bermejo, which belonged to the late founder of Banco Macro Jorge Brito -she rose to the position of general manager-. She then worked at the Salta Chamber of Foreign Trade (2010 and 2014), was president of ProSalta (2013 and 2014 – 2019 and 2020 ) and performed functions within the Board of Directors of Business Union Entities. From the beginning of his management, he sought to promote the design and articulation of the Provincial Plan for Sustainable Mining Development that promotes the planning, modernization, innovation and sustainability of mining activity in that province. . In terms of energy, according to her CV, she carried out projects to stimulate investments in exploration in the northwest basin; and the development of renewable energies such as solar and biofuels.Gustavo Sáez and Flavia Royón, the day she was sworn in as provincial secretary, in May 2021TwitterWith regard to her academic training, she received an industrial engineering degree from the National University of Salta, an MBA from the IAE Business School and a diploma in related subjects to comprehensive mining production and management, business and agile methodologies. She also has extensive professional experience in the private sector in production, exports, logistics and supply chain matters. In the public sphere, she served as Executive Director of Financing and Investment Promotion in Salta. confirms after a scoop of LA NACION that was in turn corroborated by the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa, in which three new incomes were mentioned, along with that of Royón. She will be accompanied by santiago yanotti as Undersecretary of Electric Power, Federico Bernal as Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons and Cecilia Garibotti as Undersecretary of Planning.Bernal is for now the only Cristina Kirchner soldier left in the Energy portfolio.In the same publication, the former president of the Chamber of Deputies highlighted “the work of Darío Martínez, Federico Basualdo and the team that has carried out the task in Energy up to now.” “Everyone’s goal should be our energy sovereignty and the transformation of Argentina as a power in this sector,” he added.

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