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PSG were proclaimed champions of Ligue One, but that already looks like an obligation with the squad they have, their main objective, and the reason for so much investment is to win the Champions League, they were eliminated in the quarter-finals by Real Madrid in a game that exposed them, there is no team, they have stars, but it is a tough dressing room.


Mauricio Pochettino was left in a very bad position and the management no longer wants to hear from him. He didn’t know how to control such a strong squad, and he didn’t manage to take them to the European final.


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If it’s not Pochettino, who is coming?


It is known that the board led by Nasser Al Khelaifi wants the best coach available. They already have the best on the pitch, and they want someone similar on the bench. Someone who can control so much personality in the dressing room.


Pochettino couldn’t replicate what he did with Tottenham in the Champions League, yes, he won more trophies with the French side, but the main goal didn’t even come close, he clashed with the heavyweights in the locker room and no longer looked comfortable. At Tottenham, he didn’t struggle because there were no superstars.

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In this team, he has to deal with Messi, Ramos, Mbappé, Neymar, Wijnaldum, Verratti, Navas, Donnarumma, well, all world class players. A dressing room that is divided and doesn’t pull together is very difficult to control. Then there was all the drama with Mbappé and Madrid, and that created instability in the team.


The natural candidate and favourite of the Parisian management is Zinedine Zidane. The Frenchman managed to unite a very complicated Real Madrid team and won three Champions League titles with them. He would also be very comfortable living in his own country and would have the unconditional support of the fans who know what he is capable of.


With Zidane at the helm, there are several players who know and respect him. This would permeate the others and create the unity that the team needs so much. Tactically there is not much to do, as long as the team is well organised it will start to work, and it will be difficult to stop them.


Another candidate is José Mourinho, but this one looks much more complicated. The Portuguese is a complicated man and could have a lot of problems with the stars, in this case, Messi. He has also just been crowned Conference League champion with Roma and said he is not going anywhere, but money is very powerful.


If Zidane, who is the frontrunner, does not arrive, Thiago Motta could take over. The Italian international knows the institution perfectly well and played with several of the stars who now wear the Parisian jersey, he would impose his law from day one, but the problem with the new coach is that he has not won anything and has no experience.

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Motta would be the last option and an emergency, but Zidane seems to be on his way to Paris.


What the new PSG coach needs


Apart from having a strong personality, he needs several players. The defence of the Parisian side is a disgrace. Ramos plays very little and is far from being that dominant centre-back who shone at Madrid.


They score a lot of goals but suffer without the ball, so their first signing would have to be in the lower part of the team. The management knows this and is already looking to bring in someone like Antonio Rudiger, who in theory already has an agreement with Madrid, but if they got their hands on Mbappé, anything is possible.


The rumours are that Cristiano Ronaldo that will not play Champions League, his favourite tournament, wants to play it, and going to Paris would not displease him, apart from sharing with Messi and this would be one of the best front lines in history, but whoever is the coach would certainly have to have more weight than the Argentine and the Portuguese, that looks very difficult.


Rudiger and Ronaldo are rumours, and we can talk about those another time, whoever arrives at the very hot seat at the Parc des Princes will have the immediate pressure of winning the Champions League and controlling one of the most volatile dressing rooms in Europe, can Zidane do it?


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