Where to watch The Vampire Dies in No Time- Episode 8, Premiers When?

The Vampire Dies in No Time is an ongoing anime series directed by Hiroshi Koujina. It is produced by Frontier works and Kadokawa house and animated by Madhouse. It started airing on 4th October this year, and it has gained immense popularity and has already made it through a rating of 6.68!

The gripping plot, the aesthetically pleasing animation, the well written characters have the audience hooked on to the show, and the fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the next episode.

The plot of the show

Ronaldo, a vampire hunter, finds out that an invisible vampire living in a castle has kidnapped a child. He takes it upon himself to rescue the child, and sets out to battle the vampire. However, he soon realises the seemingly fearsome vampire isn’t invisible after all. This forms the basic plot of the show.

What happened on the previous episodes

The vampire revealed that he hypnotises people, and makes them say lewd things. It now strikes Ronaldo why the manager has been talking about  naked women. He likes it when humans panic when they talk about lewd stuff. Everyone realises Mr. Lewd is a hopeless fellow. Mr. Lewd runs away since he can’t fight, he can only hypnotise people. Later, Mr. Lewd also meets another vampire who resisted his spells.

When will the next episode be aired?

Are you wondering when the next episode will be aired? Well, you don’t have to wait long. The next episode, that is the eighth episode, will be released on November 22, 2021. In this episode, Vampire Hunter Ronaldo and Draluc solve various cases, and they don’t get to enjoy the peace and free time after all, as people keep turning up at the HQ. In this episode, Draluc asks Odd Creature to challenge Mr Lewd, as they come up with lewdest words to throw at each other.

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As Draluc’s  father visits the HQ, he tells him to return home.

Where can you watch it?

It is announced that the show will have a total of 12 episodes. New episodes of the show come out every Monday at 11 pm JST. You can watch the show on the anime streaming platform Funimation, which is the licensor of the show. You can also catch it on the video streaming platform ANIPLUS. In other countries, you can watch it online on iQIYI and Wakanim.


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