Where to watch Grand Hotel if its no longer in Netflix?

watch Grand Hotel

“Grand Hotel” is no longer available to view on Netflix. When Netflix pulled the Spanish-language costume drama, many fans and potential viewers were left wondering how they might watch it. “Where to watch Grand Hotel” streaming now that Netflix has shut down?”
“Grand Hotel” is not available on any other streaming service.

Yes, that is what Iwe meant. It is a pity there is not an online streaming service for this swoon-inducing costume drama. Hulu and Netflix do not have the show available for streaming. Even if you want to watch it on Prime, you can not even buy it.

Where to watch Grand Hotel

The DVD set is available for purchase on Amazon.com as a modest consolation There is no way to see”Gran Hotel” if you do not go. We have just finished binge-watching the news, and it is really upsetting. However, it is a fantastic series worth the money and the bother of dealing with DVDs.

Relatedly, ABC’s English-language version set in the present day is streaming its first and only season. It is also worth mentioning that “Secret of the Nile,” an Egyptian rendition, is currently available on Netflix. No, Netflix does not have an original Spanish-language version. Keep an eye out. We will keep you updated as the situation changes.

What To Do While You Wait

There are other good Spanish soaps to watch while we wait for “Gran Hotel”. For example, “Cable Girls” and “High Seas” were co-written by “Gran Hotel” authors Fernández-Valdés. Both series have been viewed in their full by me.

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In spite of “High Seas” ending prematurely, it was/is a superb mystery program with tons of romance. For the first three seasons, “Cable Girls” holds the attention of viewers with equal vigor, but the show is radiance fades dramatically in Season 4 and disappears entirely in Season 5. All in all, it and “High Seas” are excellent companion pieces for “Gran Hotel” enthusiasts.

The Reasons You will Like It High Seas and Cable Girls both star members of the “Gran Hotel” cast. In “Cable Girls,” (Julio in “Gran Hotel”) plays as Francisco. Fans of “Gran Hotel” will appreciate watching González take on the character of Francisco, who is a bit of a departure from Julio.


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