“Where is Boca going?”: Oscar Ruggeri’s unusual question that made his teammates laugh

Oscar Ruggericolumnist for F90 (ESPN), had a reaction this Monday that made his teammates laugh at the pass with F12. The cameras took to the campus of Boca Juniors while they got on the bus to the airport to travel to Colombia, where this Tuesday is measured before Deportivo Cali for the first date of the group zone of the Libertadores Cup. “There you have Boca leaving…”, they said in unison Sebastian Vignolo and Mariano Closs. At that moment, the “Cabezón” asked them as if she were an amateur: “Where to, man?”.The journalists from the sports signal could not contain their laughter and responded to their distracted partner with sarcasm. First, they reminded him that the xenieze squad is heading to the coffee country. Then they resorted to sarcasm to answer the former defender of the Argentine team: “To Bariloche”. Without being intimidated, the world champion in Mexico 86 ‘got on the joke and asked Closs: “Did they put together a trip, Mariano?”. With irony, the rapporteur replied, quoting an old Argentine television program: “Yeah, yeah, they took it out on Happy Sunday”.Warned that Ruggeri was verbose on a subject in which he is not a specialist, Vignolo reproached his partner: “Is Navarro Montoya there and do you want to answer as goalkeepers? Is incredible. It’s like I’m (Damien) Betular and tell him how to make the pastafrola”. Then Sebastian warned the former goalkeeper: “Start yelling at him here because if he doesn’t eat you”.Obediently, Navarro Montoya proceeded to joke with Oscar: “The ‘Cabezón’ when he comes from the little boat…”. On weekends, the sports commentator goes sailing to the Tigre. “When I saw you arrive with that mirror thing. Take the thing out. We are already big, ”Ruggeri retorted. Unscathed, the “Monkey” said: “you bigger than me”. Then he redoubled the bet: “Can you let me give an opinion on the goal?”. With no choice, he replied: “The goal? Go ahead”. In the background, he saw “Pollo” celebrating: “How great, ‘Mono’. I like how he puts the points.” Later, the journalists analyzed the error of the Boca goalkeeper Agustin Rossi in last Sunday’s game against Arsenal. While Ruggeri was more lenient with the goalkeeper, since he also attributed responsibility to the outfield players, former goalkeeper Fernando Navarro Montoya I consider that “Boca’s goal demands regularity”.Agustín Rossi, from hero to villain in BocaPrensa BocaLater, “El Mono” broadened his gaze: “Boca’s goalkeeper is here to save the team.”. Regarding the second goal of Leonardo Madelón’s team, he pointed out: “It seems to me that, technically, Rossi never saw who entered. He only saw who was carrying the ball, but without noticing that he entered (Sebastián) Lomonaco”. Likewise, Navarro Montoya warned that Rossi, “to become a period goalkeeper, he must be good for a long time. Those ups and downs are what Agustín lacks”.

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