Where and How to Watch ‘Bad Buddy: Episode 3’- Latest Release Date and Preview

‘Bad Buddy: Episode 3

‘Bad Buddy’ has a classic enemy-to-lovers trope. The show entails the life stories of two guys- Pran and Pat. They have been brought up in a way that they hate each other’s guts.

The enemy to friends/lovers trope is probably what has made this show so popular. The storyline is quite classic and true of many Jane Austen novels. Not to mention the love story of all times- Romeo and Juliet. With its latest episode coming out soon, here’s a little information about the same.

Release Date

This Thai series first came out on 29th October 2021. ‘Bad Buddy’ has, ever since its release, become one of the most anticipated dramas. The latest episode, episode 3 of the series, will come out on 12th November 2021. So, the wait is over, guys!

The next episode is going to be exciting. With the rivalry between our protagonists fading away, do we expect a friendship? Or even more? History witnesses many such enemies turning into lovers, and we can hope the same for these two.

Plot and Preview- What to Expect from the Next Episode?

In episode 2 of the show, viewers must have seen all the confusion regarding food between Pran and Pat. Their intense rivalry has been shown in this episode. They refuse to sit in the same restaurant, take part in the same college activities. They even hate walking on the same path.

But this rivalry seems to be fading away. In Episode 2, we see how Pran and Pat seem to be forming a connection among the whole food fiasco. When Pran ate Pat’s salad by mistake, he gave him some juice boxes. Pat also gave Pran some dumplings.

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In the next episode, we see the ice between the two boys melting away. No matter how hard they try to stay away from each other, the Universe seems to be wanting them to be together.

The classic ‘Romeo Juliet’ situation seems to be developing in the show, and one can predict that the two boys- Pran and Pat will be seeing a lot of each other. The viewers will get to see the two develop a friendship. Or even more. The next few episodes are going to be extremely interesting.


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