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When is The Batman Going to Hit the Theaters? Here is Updates

We’re barely months away from the Matt Reeves-directed film grappling onto the big screen after the epidemic pushed the release date out to March 2022. Robert Pattinson will be playing the titular vigilante, with Catwoman played by Zoe Kravitz, the Penguin played by Colin Farrell, the Riddler played by Paul Dano, Alfred Pennyworth played by Andy Serkis, and Commissioner Gordon played by Jeffrey Wright. Now that the cast is pretty impressive, we are sure that the film is going to be a blockbuster. To help you count down the days before the movie hits theatres, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about it right here.

the batman
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When is The Batman Going to Hit the Theaters?

The release date for Batman was formerly scheduled for October 1, 2021, however, due to a slew of Warner Bros. delays, the date has now been pushed back to March 4 of the upcoming year. If you eliminate Batman v/s Superman, then you’ll notice that this will be the first-ever solo Batman film released in a decade, which makes it the lengthiest gap between Bat-Films since Batman by Tim Burton has made a debut. Matt Reeves, the director has implied that the movie had been finalized in March of this year.

Who’s in the Cast of The Batman?

First and foremost, there’s the leading man: Robert Pattinson will play Batman/Bruce Wayne. Commissioner Gordon is played by Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright, who also appears in Pattinson’s film. The role of Catwoman played by Zoe Kravitz has finalized the ensemble. You’ll be surprised to know that Vanessa Kirby was also chosen to play the role of Selina Kyle at one point, however in the end, Kravitz won and bagged the role. Paul Dano, who will play The Riddler, will also join the cast of The Batman. The Penguin and Alfred Pennyworth will be played by Colin Farrell and Andy Serkis, respectively. Carmine Falcone whose role will be played by John Turturro will be a crime boss. Peter Sarsgaard will portray the character of Gotham District Attorney Gil Colson in the movie. Lastly, Max and Charlie Carver will play a foreign character in what seems to be the last session of casting declarations.

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What’s the Plot of The Batman?

According to the trailers, we now know a lot more about Batman’s story. Both Batman and Jim Gordon are prodded and poked by the Riddler, forcing them to investigate a string of murders.

The Batman is an edgy, action-packed drama that follows Batman in his early years as he struggles to reconcile his fury with his sense of justice as he explores a horrific secret that has devastated Gotham. The director said that Robert Pattinson has portrayed Batman as a disillusioned, desperate vigilante who is awoken by the knowledge that the fury devouring him makes him no different than the merciless serial killer that he’s seeking.

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