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What is paresthesia and when does it appear after the third covid vaccine?

The paresthesia is the new secondary effect that has been detected after receiving the Moderna’s vaccine. In any case, in Spain only 158 cases after the administration of 14.2 million doses. It is a very common phenomenon in our day to day, since it is the tingling, numbness, or itching sensation that can occur after spending a while in a bad posture. The injured body part may not respond when you try to move it and there may be lost sensitivity touch. The tingling can be more bothersome when it comes into contact with the ground and other objects.

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The paresthesia effects related to the Moderna vaccine appear shortly after it has been administered. first as painlater as myalgia and finally comes the numbness. The most frequent is that affect the extremities, especially to the arm where it has been pricked. In most cases paresthesia can be relieved with exercises or massages to restore circulation in the affected area. If the situation persists, some anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce symptoms.

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