What is Ghostface Tiktok Cult? New pfp Costumes Trend on Social Media

The cults are back on the Tiktok. This time we are getting some buzz on the Ghostface cult or you can say “Scream cut”. What is this cult challenge? Why Tiktok personalities are taking part in this new trend. Actually, in this challenge, the users change pfp to a ghost profile. Just change the picture of the profile and add the ghost filter to the account. Fans see it as a perfect theme for the Halloween event. The cult challenge is into the trends and already got more than 3 million views on it. We can see the Tiktok platform flooded with these Ghostface cult videos and challenges.

What is Ghostface cult?

In the New Year, fans of horror movies will have a fresh opportunity to see why Ghostface is one of Hollywood’s most iconic film villains. In 2022 people are using his image as their profile picture ahead of its release on January 3rd and 10th which marks last week for Applejack’s birthday party season! This challenge is being accepted by the top Tiktok personalities. Also, Tiktok added their ghost filter feature to the platform so that users can easily follow this new trend on social media.

How Scream Cult Gone Became Trend?

The idea behind the trend or challenge has been inspired from the “Scream” movie. Simply to participate in the cult change the profile picture on Tiktok. The users can use any iconic picture which they want to use for the purpose. The trend of using this one famous person or thing has spread quickly because it is easy for users who are following each other on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram but want some fun extra content not available there! The challenge is also spreading to other social media like Instagram and Facebook.

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How to participate in this Challenge?

There is a new, popular cult in town and it just so happens to be for the spooky season. The ‘Scream’ Cult has seen users change their profile picture on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook from any other image before then switching over into an iconic scene where you can see Ghostface staring out at them with his white eyes shining brightly through the darkness of night time forest imagery.

The users are very excited to take part in this challenge as it offers joy and happiness. Also, you can try the Ghostface smoke on your profile and challenge.


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