What does the Leo sign icon mean?

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, which includes those born between July 23 and August 22 every year. belongs to element Fire, which gives him his strong and energetic personality. the leonines they have a creative mind, capable of embodying stellar roles. They are usually great professionals and, in many cases, they dedicate themselves to art or careers that give them fame.They are independent and like to determine their own path. They don’t like it when they are told what to do or if someone challenges their words. Although they are respectful, they like to be right in everything they think. Authoritarianism is one of their typical qualities, which can be expressed positively or negatively, depending on the situation. Stand out for their leadership skills and ability to conquer any adventure they undertake.The Sun is the planet that rules this sign of the Fire element.both coincide in their main component and enhance their primary characteristics. Leo people feel the center of the universe, just like who represents them. They are not necessarily selfish, but they do prioritize their needs and desires over those of other people. However, the Fire element grants them a large heart. They are generous and easily moved. They are not lacking in empathy, and when they make up their minds, they manage to do whatever they can to help those they love. Fire brings spontaneity and fierce energy to your character. They are striking and warm by nature, capable of sympathizing with everyone. They can also react unexpectedly when they get angry. passion and impulsiveness are the most important traits of Leo people, which is why they tend to be guided by their heart at all times. In astrology, the Lion is the animal that symbolizes this sign. This is considered King of the jungle, which coincides in its qualities with its ruling planet. In this way, this icon represents your quality of standing out from the restas well as his ability to lead and represent a group of people in any fight.What does the sign of LeoLatinstock symbolizeAlthough this mammal usually belongs to a herd, is able to defend itself in the face of any threat. Likewise, all lions aspire to be the king of their groups. They are determined and able to distinguish their desires and dangers from afar. Once they make up their minds, they move immediately and with great force towards their objectives. The first records of this symbol were given in the time of the Babylonians. These associated the constellation Leonis with this mythical animal. In Ancient Greece, the god Zeus decided to honor this animal by relating it to this stellar position. Likewise, the Lion of Nemea, son of Typhoon and Echidna, was seen as a threat and a symbol of absolute strength. Although he was defeated by Heracles, Greek mythology remembers him as the representation of the invincible, bravery and absolute strength.The Egyptians referred to the constellation Leo as “Knem”. She was seen as a good fortune symbol, present in different opportunities that contributed to agriculture and progress. Likewise, Tutankhamun’s golden throne was made up of heads of this mammal, representing power, luxury and royalty. The king of the jungle embodied the monarchy and the figure of the Sun in his ancient writings.● They are loyal and do not forgive betrayal.● They are determined, capable of achieving everything they set out to do.● They like to take care of their appearance and pay attention to detail.● They are mistaken as selfish, but they abound in generosity.● They are social beings, preferring to spend time with their friends.● Ambition is present in every aspect of their life, wanting to achieve perfection in everything.● They can be impatient and get angry at the indecision of others. ● Many seek to carry a striking personal style, which manages to differentiate them from others. ● Although they are independent, they prefer to feel accompanied by other people, be it their family, friends or partner. However, when they don’t like something, they tend to leave their romantic relationships easily. ● They have a very creative mind. ● They don’t like to be challenged or questioned. ● They are respectful and have good manners. They can be stubborn. ● They are sure of themselves. ● Although they are seen as people with high self-esteem, they can be very sensitive when they are wrong. ● It is one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac.

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