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‘Wet nurse’: Adriane Galisteu apologizes after using racist term on social media

This Monday, 28, presenter Adriane Galisteu apologized in Instagram stories for using a racist term in a post by actress Nanda Costa. Nanda is a first-time mother to twins Kim and Tiê, 4 months old, and asked her followers for tips on breastfeeding in a post made two weeks ago. However, Adriane’s comment had a negative impact on netizens. She wrote that breastfeeding was not easy and when she realized it “I had a wet nurse at home helping me to cope”. Users responded and warned that the term ‘wet nurse’ is racist, as it refers to the slaves who fed the children of white women. “I hope you’re wrong. I don’t know? Did you mean breastfeeding consultant?” wrote one follower. “I think you have no idea how this messes with us black people, reading a comment like this bleeds my heart and soul, it seems like we haven’t evolved much”, commented another. Hours later, Adriane spoke in the stories and said: “Whoever I hurt, forgive me for my ignorance. And take the opportunity to say that it’s no use wearing a suit that doesn’t fit me. If there’s a suit that doesn’t fit me, it’s the racist and bigoted This is not me and this suit I don’t wear at all”.

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