Welcome aboard: it took them a while to guess who he looked like and the answer was unusual

During one of the most recent programs, Welcome aboard (eltrece) became the scene of an unprecedented tender event: One of the players in the similar segment claimed to be ET’s double and represented a sweet scene with Hernán Drago.Laurita Fernández, already firmly established in her role as host, opened the door of similarities ready to let one of the participants pass. Timidly and somewhat intimidated by the battalion of cameras pointing at him, the man entered the study with his head bowed. As he walked slowly towards the improvised jury headed by Hernán Drago, everyone present in the studio began to analyze him carefully to find out who he looked like. After having a brief conversation with the driver in which most of his answers were dry monosyllables , the contestant answered the incisive questions of those who were trying to discover who his famous version was. Eager to try to guess who it was, they all took turns saying possible answers. None was correct. Hernán Drago and ET’s double recreated an emblematic scene Confident, perhaps due to his extensive experience in the cycle of games, Drago did not even try to guess. “I am out of the game because I already have it”, he expressed with great confidence. Without doubting for a second the resemblance he had in mind, he left his chair to stand next to the participant. After grabbing him by the shoulder and giving him a knowing smile, she told him: “It’s you.” While the “model” continued to refuse to say the character, the others present took risks and gave various names. They compared him to several soccer players, among whom Carlitos Tevez stood out and they even believed that he could become the journalist Sergio Lapegüe. But all the options were received with a negative gesture from the contestant.The ET double went through Welcome Aboard video capture Finally, Laurita convinced Hernán that it was his turn to guess and, confident that he was right, said that it was Apu, the character from The Simpson who is in charge of attending the premises of a service station. When told that was not the correct answer, he fired his second choice. “They are very young, but I watched it when I was little. It’s the atomic ant”, he asserted. However, she didn’t hit him on that occasion either. Curious and impatient, her ex Dancing for a Dream asked her to say who she looked like. “They say I look like ET, the alien from the movie”he said sheepishly. At the same time that he said that, a photo of the emblematic character appeared on the screen to show that, indeed, they had a great similarity. The surprise of the jury was immediate and, almost in unison, they all agreed that it was true.Hernán Drago recreated a scene from ET with a participant from Welcome aboardHernán Drago recreated a scene from ET with a participant from Welcome aboard video capture With great emotion, Laurita convinced Hernán Drago to come closer to recreate the legendary scene where Elliot – a character played by Henry Thomas – unites his index finger with that of ET in an ending that is remembered as one of the most moving in the history of cinema. After representing that moment, the model gave the contestant a big hug to thank him for appearing on the program.

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