INVASION Episode 5

Was the sound of Spaceship was real, get to know in INVASION Episode 5

Invasion, as we can already assume by the name of the series, is Invasion. It is very clearly represented that the series is about someone capturing over something. Well, we are fitting the series is about the Alien Invasion over Earth. The story is about how life goes after the alien Invasion of earth. The series is Sci-Fi series, which is the most popular genre right now in the cinematic industry. There are 4 episodes aired till now, and fans are already going mad about it. the next episode is named “A Holy Place.”

INVASION Episode 5
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What happened till now?

The previous episode was the highest watched show of the series till now. The episode was named “The King Is Dead.” The scene starts with a student and a teacher on the bus. And the teacher is giving knowledge about how their previous teacher Mr. Edwards died. And in the next scene, a boy named “Monty,” is quite a naughty and cunning boy, is giving instructions to everyone to stay inside and bullying almost every other boy there. So, Mr. Caspar, the teacher of the students on the bus, went angry with Monty and snatched away the role of class leader from him.

On the other hand, there is a girl Aneesha who was leaving the city with her family because the military commanded everyone to evacuate. So she was going to Canada with her husband Manny and son. And she also found that her husband is having an affair with some lady and even have a child with her. So, they started arguing in the middle of the way of the car. In the meantime, their son “Luke” went to urinate into the forest and was lost there. While the kept arguing with each other, suddenly, after a reasonable amount of time, they remembered that Luke didn’t come back and started searching for him vigorously. But in the end, they finally find out the Luke with the family in the forest.

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Release Date

However, the show’s first three episodes were released together on the 22nd of October, 2021. And they said that the rest of the episode would release every Friday on Apple TV+. So, according to that, we’ll be able the watch the next episode on the 5th of November, 2021.

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