Want some spoiler on what’s going to happen in DOCTOR WHO SEASON 13 EPISODE 2, here it is


Season starts with the chase of ‘Karvinista’ (which is a Dog like Lupari Species) and Doctor with Yaz. The chase end up on Liverpool. On Liverpool, Dan Lewis get kidnapped by Karvinista. While Yaz was rescuing Dan, Doctor found Karvinista’s ship. And this is the moment when Doctor got to know about the invasion plan of Karvinistas. Although, Karvnistas tells her that everything they are doing, is for welfare of humanity. But their plan is little bit different; their plan is to protect the earth from the destruvtion of the Flux. This destruction by Flux, gets attracted by Sontarans

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What’s Coming Next

The shows begin with the story continuing from the last episode where Sonatarans get the message of Flux. So now the upcoming episode 2 is named as “Doctor Who – Season 13 – Flux-War of Sonatarns.”

As we can presume by the name of the episode, giving the clear signal of the something clashy is going to happen. In short, story is heading to the Crimeaen War which was told previously before the start of the season 13. But who knows, what is going to happen because Doctor Who can do something sci-fi anytime and turn the whole story upside down.

When to get ready with your Popcorns

The next episode (2nd episode) of Doctor Who season 13 is to be released on 7th of November,2021. The sources are defining that next episode should contain a crisp fight of doctor with Sonatarns during the Crimean War. And who know the viewers could also get the entry of the new character called ‘Flux.’ There will be total 6 episode in the season. So, story will be really fast going 

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The sources have been telling regularly that this season might be the last season for the Chris Chibnall (executive producer and head writer).

 Talking about the other cast then, Jodie Whittaker playing the role of Thirteenth Doctor, Mandip Gill is Yasmin Khan, Jacob Anderson is VInder and John Bishop is Dan Lewis in the show.

Some guest actor of this season could be Thaddea Graham, Robert Bathurst, Blake Harrison, Braig Parkison, Kevin McNally, Annabel ScholeySara Powell, Gerald Kyd, Rochenda Sandall, Penelope Ann McGhie, Sam Spruell, Steve Oram, Craige Els, Jonathan Watson, Nadia Albina, Paul Broughton, and Sue Jenkins.


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