Visual prison episode 7

Visual prison episode 7, When & amp; What to expect on screen?

SThe Oz, a group of vampires commanded by Yuki and Robin, will take on groups of vampires in the seventh episode of Visual Prison. After spending time with Yuki, Robin has become a vampire.

In Gil’s homeland, Robin had earned a name for himself, and Gil was aware of this. The rivalry crew has provided a new uniform for Robin, Yuki, and Eve. Yuki was swayed by the sky blue hue and determined that it would be the new uniform color. The inhabitants of Visual Prison have gathered to see a performance in the most recent episode.

Golden Bomber’s Jun Utahiroba and his pals greet the newcomers. Yutaka Kyan, a member of Gold Bomber, also offers a speech in an attempt to rouse the crowd. So, for their performance at Atro Garden, Jun says that they would put on a tremendous show; the mystery countdown has begun and will stop. Yuki and Eve are eagerly anticipating the show that Robin will stream live, and Robin warns them that they will investigate. So, once there, Yuki has no idea what would happen. In Gil’s presence, the three is unaware of what is going on.

He told them all about the event and explained that he had fixed that he had mended. There is no escaping the fact that the fans want to see what Yuki, Eve, and Robin are up to these days. Their new song is still hot, and he is delighted they are preparing to turn on the Astro Garden.

When Robin inquires, Eve explains they will perform for the first time. Eve recognized that no one else was the Oz save for them, and they were both ecstatic. Visual Prison Episode 6: The trio complains that Guil never informed t the program and that he caught them off guard. Previous. Eve believes Guil could have informed them sooner.

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When the time comes, Gil and the other idols must be ready to put up a performance like this, no matter how last-minute the announcement is. Gil discloses to Eve that he has already concert, which makes her want to chastise him. She informed not yet ready to begin the relationship.

Eve is apprehensive about playing without Gil, who was her rock throughout her time on stage with him. Robin is not sure who started the countdown, but she suspects Gil. Gil tells that Dimitri and Hyde are the two vampires that started the countdown. During a conversation , he is reminded of the Oz’s premiere. This will be done at Astro Garden, Dimitri explains. Gil receives a present from Dimitri on this day as a reminder a token of their affection.

Robin is baffled as to why Gil is so outspoken. Gil tells them that they promised insignificant to get them started, and Eve understands that they are at a live event. Because to Gil’s guidance, Yuki discovers that those phrases are from renowned vampire idols, which become greater idols. Gil was able to persuade Robin and Eve to go forward with the plan once Gil announced his commitment. Posters given to them by Gil instruct them to distribute them to the city’s residents and display them prominently.

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