Virgin River Season 4: Showrunner Asks Fans For Help! Know More

Virgin River Season 4

“Virgin River” is returning to Netflix with the upcoming Season 4. The shooting for the new season is already underway. Now the series makers are asking the fans for help on Instagram.

Creator Wants Your Help

The post shows Lizzie and Connie in the bakery. Underneath, the series makers wrote: “Let’s help Lizzie and Connie come up with some bakery specialties for S4!”

The comment column was quickly filled with suggestions and recipe ideas, from banana cream pie to carrot cake with chocolate icing to blueberry lemonade scones.

Lizzie actress Sarah Dugdale wrote in the comments: “Everything with chocolate!” A fan had a particularly creative idea: “The ‘Jack’. Red Velvet cupcake covered with a whiskey buttercream. And the ‘Mel’. A pumpkin pie with cream cheese glaze. (Because it’s spicy, but sweet).”

We won’t know which of these suggestions make it into the series until “Virgin River” season 4 starts on Netflix. We’ll also tell you which new characters await you in the latest episodes of the drama series.


Virgin River: Season 4 Will Have New Characters

Seasons 4 and 5 of Virgin River have already been confirmed. The series makers also posted a video from the set. The new episodes are expected to appear in the summer of 2022.

Now two more newcomers of the 4th season have been confirmed. Mark Ghanime and Kai Bradbury will have important roles in the upcoming episodes.–M_ie/?


Actor Mark Ghanime also confirmed this on his Instagram page. He will be Dr. Cameron Hayek to play the new handsome doctor in Virgin River. The city’s female residents, in particular, have their eyes on him.

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We saw Kai Bradbury briefly in Season 3 as Doc’s previously unknown grandson Denny Cutler. He came to Virgin River to meet his grandfather, but the boy has a dark secret.


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